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GELAN Electric has a good news to tell you!

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-02-27 

In this winter, the sun became a scarce product. Although the rain is not strong, basically it is mainly rain, but it can’t stand every day...

In most cities in the southeastern region, it has been a long time to open the “bubble” mode, with full screen rain, rain and rain... In the next week, you might be like this.

As a new generation of hardworking bees, every time you change clothes, you will wash them off in time. The end result is that the clothes rail is covered with all kinds of wet clothes, underwear, socks, pajamas, pants and so on. For me with less clothes, it’s really awkward! ! !

It is estimated that many children's shoes have encountered the same difficulties as me. To this end, I also specifically asked Gran Electric for help. As a result, GELAN Electric said to me indifferently: "The perfect artifact for drying clothes bed sets, find out!"

Compared with traditional drying racks, GELAN Electric Wisdom series drying racks are simple and easy to operate, saving time and effort. Lighting, disinfection, drying, automatic lifting and other functions can be realized with a single press of the remote control; The uniquely shaped Granville Smart Drying Rack can also be used as a home decoration on the balcony to enhance the high-quality lifestyle.

There is GELAN Zhiyue drying rack, it is so simple to dry.


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