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GELAN D002R drying rack, this winter is no longer afraid

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-02-19 

"It rains every day, it's so annoying, clothes can't be cleaned; it's raining every day, it's so cold, I can't see the sun every day; it's raining every day, it's so boring, the ground is wet, it's not good to go out to play"... The series complains about the weather in the southeastern winter this year. This winter, I am very helpless in living in Zhejiang. Throughout the winter, when I see the sun, I can count it with two fingers.


Every day, rain and rain, this kind of weather is believed to cause such a confusion to everyone, that is, the clothes are not dry, and the clothes that are always worn on the body are still damp. Because the winter sweater is thicker, the clothes washed off are not dry for a week, and I am very distressed by the lack of clothes.


In the rainy weather, clothes are not dry? Since having the GELAN GLE/J1-D002R drying rack, this trouble has never happened. GELAN GLE/J1-D002R drying racks are quickly dried, gently air-dried; UV disinfection; soft and silent design; dual LED lighting and other functions. Can withstand 35KG weight of clothes.


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