July 4, 2020

Garden Glam- A Mini Collection

Although school has been over for almost two months now, I want to share with you my final collection. Because of corona, it ended up being different from what I had originally planned. However, I am quite proud of it, as I stuck with the same theme and worked with what I had at home. I also think it is a good segue into what I'm doing at the moment- starting up an Etsy shop where I'm going to sell handmade accessories and upcycled apparel.

For this collection, I used almost exclusively secondhand and vintage materials. In fact, most of the supplies came from a local used fabric sale that I went to at the beginning of the year. Everything else I had in my stash.

My first look was completely handmade. Using patterns I had made throughout the years, I adjusted them to fit me, and created this skirt and top. The detachable collar was made out of muslin and hand embroidered with my original design.

The second look was created using an upcycled denim dress. I transformed it from long and shapeless to short and cute. I put vintage lace around the edges, and added a bit of embroidery and beading. With this look, I also made a little crochet bag and did some surface design work on a pair of Build-a-Bear overalls.

Without this blog, I don't know if I ever would have even enrolled in college. I created this blog as a way to get myself to learn more about fashion. Reading tons of other blogs, scrolling through Vogue Runway, and learning all that I could about fashion is what prompted me to take the leap into college. Previously, I had tons of passions but no direction. Now I know that fashion is what I want to do. It is one of the greatest modes of self-expression, and it combines so much of what I love. Going forward, I'm excited to continue creating and learning. Just knowing how far I've come, I know I will succeed, as long as I push myself and remember what is important to me.

June 26, 2020

Life Update & BLM Resources

I have been struggling to get another post up on here since I posted my last one. I had all the intentions to do so, but writing has been difficult lately, so I've pretty much avoided doing it altogether.  It's been over two months since my last post, and I'm finally ready to get over the unnecessary fear of sounding stupid or saying the wrong thing. Even though right now only, like, 10 people read my blog, I do hope to one day be successful with it.

Life feels different, because it is. Living through a pandemic (which is not over, despite what the cheeto in the white house says), is a shared traumatic event. You would think because we're all going through it together, it would be easier to deal with. However, everyone is different, which means everyone is experiencing it differently. Personally, it's fucked with my mental health quite a bit. Even on my best days, my depression and anxiety are always there in the background, trying to dictate my every move. Even while writing this, every time I get stuck on a sentence my brain is trying to convince me to just lie down for a bit, come back to it later. While I have gotten a lot stronger and better at fighting it, I know it's also important to let myself take breaks. Keeping the balance is tricky, but I'm managing. And I hope you are, too.

I also want to briefly talk about the police brutality and social injustices against black people. Although media coverage of protests is dying down and people's social medias are going back to "normal", the fight against racism, on all levels, is NOT over.  Racism runs deep in this country, meaning that it's going to take a lot to undo hundreds of years of oppression. And it's going to take all of us.

As a white person, I recognize my privilege and vow to stand up against any racism I see, in my society, my peers, my family, and myself. I have been working on educating myself, signing loads of petitions, and doing what I can to help.


Watch w/ Ads on to Donate (the creator of this video is currently trying to get it back with ads)

There are tons of other resources, so don't stop here! I just wanted to have something on my blog that can lead people in the right direction. I may add to this list as I find new resources, or feel free to leave any in the comments.

So that's where I'm at. Fashion, art, and lifestyle posts will be coming soon. I really wanted to address the state of the country/world first, before hopping back into posting. I hope you are staying safe, healthy, and sane.

Take care of yourself,

ps: Happy Pride month, my fellow queers! 🌈

April 16, 2020

The Start of Something New

Life has changed a lot, for everyone, since the start of the year. With COVID-19 threatening our health, we've been required to stay inside and away from people. High school me would have thrived in this. Now, however, I'm in my 4th semester of the fashion design program at my community college. I have a group of incredible friends, and I had just started a new job. I was looking forward to, although stressed from, our fashion exhibition at the end of the semester. Unfortunately, things have changed and we've all been forced to adapt to this new, strange way of life. However, as artists and fashion designers, it's important that we continue creating and sharing. 

Recently, I've been working on several projects, for school and just for fun. I'm the master at starting a million projects before I finish any of them. Drawing has always been my go-to. I try to draw/sketch/paint at least once a day. Sewing and embroidering take more time and cause more frustration, so I usually tend to do them in small increments. I'm currently almost finished with my skirt, which is part of my final collection for class. I've also taken crocheting back up. I'm working on a granny square bag to go with my final collection, as well. I even made a little weaving loom out of a picture frame and nails. The weaving shown in the photo is now finished, I just have to decide what I'm going to do with it.

As I work on these various projects, I'll be updating my progress on here. There will be a lot more art and design, but fashion will always be interwoven into them. Feel free to stick around and follow my art/fashion journey through this bizarre time that we're living in. 

August 6, 2018

The Two Fanny Packs Everyone Should Own

Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of fanny packs, despite their bad rep. Not only are they super convenient and handy, they are also a really fashionable trend this year. Fanny packs were all over the runway for spring, and I think they have a chance of sticking around. They are a practical bag that can be worn by anyone, and they are the ideal size for holding just the essentials. 


I started a new job just over a month ago, which is why I haven’t been posting much on my blog. It’s a decent job and it makes me money, so that’s all that matters. Since I started work, I’ve been almost exclusively using my black fanny pack. It’s so easy to grab from my locker,  and sling over my shoulder, then proceed to get out of the building as fast as possible. It also adds a bit of classic style to my look.

Because of its practical, neutral look, my thrifted black East Sport fanny pack can go with just about anything. However, I decided to style it by wearing my favorite colors (green and pink), and adding accents of black from the fanny pack and shoes. For a dollar investment, this fanny pack has been more than a great addition to my wardrobe.

I then paired the outfit with my one other fanny pack, a patterned L.L. Bean bag that my mom picked up for me at a thrift store as well. It goes so nicely with my favorite green shirt, and even has a bit of black to go with the shoes. Both bags are the perfect match for this outfit, and most of my outfits, since I generally go for green, pink and black clothing.

Fanny packs are such a sensible bag, but they can also be a fun accessory and statement piece. In the junior’s section of the store I work there are small iridescent fanny packs with cat faces and ears on them. Pre-teen me definitely would have bought one. However, I am very happy with the two fanny packs that I currently own. I highly recommend that everyone own two good fanny packs- one neutral bag, and one statement bag.

May 30, 2018

Nymphet Fashion // Outfit of the Day

Nymphet fashion is a style directly inspired by the character Dolores Haze in both the book, and the 1997 movie, Lolita. While the book is full of descriptions of Lolita’s outfits, the movie does a perfect job at making them a reality. It is a girly yet mature style, inspired by the 1950’s and perfect for wearing in the summertime.

In this outfit-of-the-day, I attempted to create a nymphet style outfit using what I could find in my closet. I started off with my new favorite shirt (yes, it’s the one I wore in my last makeup post). I found this shirt at Forever 21 in the clearance section for $5. What a deal! It is my favorite shade of pink and overall a super precious piece that has easily become a favorite.

For the bottoms, I wanted to give the look a bit of a sophisticated feel. I went for some nice grey trousers that I thrifted a little while back. I rolled them up at the bottom to make them cuter and more summery. I added my tan mules as a great summertime sandal, and carried around my Nine West bag (seriously the cutest purse ever).

On the day I wore this, I wasn’t feeling makeup, so if you would like a makeup look to go with this outfit, you can check out my post titled Sweet & Glam 60’s Makeup. I also didn’t add any jewelry, but I think simple is the best with nymphet style. Add a choker or a couple thin bracelets to accessorize this look.

You will definitely see me in this shirt again at some point this summer, probably over on my Instagram. It’s definitely the most nymphet-ish piece I own, so I’ll probably create more Lolita inspired looks with it eventually.

What do you think of nymphet style? Is it something you’d wear?

May 9, 2018

Lolita Inspired Fashion Collages

Today, 4 days before they deleted them forever, I was able to download my Polyvore sets. To share some style inspiration for a style I've been really into lately, I'm going to show you my favorite lolita/nymphet inspired sets that I have made over the years.

I started out on Polvore making collages of books I was reading, to give a subtle feel for the book and inspire cool aesthetics.  Although I didn't like Burn for Burn very much, it does have one of my favorite ever covers, which I translated into the collage around it.

In the future I will make more posts featuring my Polyvore sets, since they were so much fun to make and are super inspirational to look at. Their styles vary a bit, depending on what I was into at what time. I also want to have a place where all of my inspirational Polyvore sets live online, since the site no longer exists.

What do you think of lolita/nymphet fashion?

May 4, 2018

Sweet & Glam 60's Makeup

IT Cosmetics No. 50 Serum Anti-Aging Collagen Veil Primer
Wet 'n Wild Photofocus Foundation in Soft Ivory
NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer
Found Full Coverage Concealer  
IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination in Light
Physician's Formula Multi-Colored Blush in Blushing Berry
IT Cosmetics Live, Love, Laugh Vitality Face Disc Matte Bronzer
NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross

Urban Decay Naked Palette- Naked, Buck
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette- Whiskey, Thirteen
NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer
Essence Kajal Pencil in White
NYX Epic Ink Liner in Black
IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette- Whiskey

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 41

May 2, 2018

Spring Reading

I’ve been reading again! Yay! If you didn’t already know, reading is one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, I don’t read as much as I wish I did because many things factor into my reading life. Over the years much has changed as far as my reading goes. The one thing that remains is my love of books, which I’m going to talk about today, as well as in future blog posts.

For me, reading comes in cycles. Besides the fact that anxiety and depression get in the way of my reading, I’m also a mood reader. That means I can only read a book I’m in the mood to read. Sometimes it will take me months just to read one book, and sometimes I’ll read five plus books a week. It’s a horrible cycle that usually consists of several solid months of either not reading at all, or barely making it through half of a book, and then about a month of reading like crazy. Right now I’m in my month of crazy reading, and I intend to take full advantage of it.

Last month I re-visited Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. My first time around I didn’t finish it because I found the prose to be way too heavy. However, after finishing it this time, my love of reading has been completely restored. I could gush about this book, but I will save that for the review I plan on posting later on. Let me just say, it is a story that has inspired me in so many different ways. If you’re a lover of the book (or the movies), keep your eyes out for some exciting Lolita inspired fashion posts to come.

After finishing Lolita, I needed something with just as much great yet disturbing content. That brought me to Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen By Proxy Childhood by Julie Gregory. I picked this book up after reading two novels with plot twists that involved Munchausen By Proxy. It is a truly disturbing mental illness and form of abuse, so I’m glad to say that this memoir did have a happy ending.

I then participated in a 24 Hour Read-a-Thon, completing Sickened, as well as Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr, and Fix Me by Rune Michaels. If you want to know my thoughts on those, all of my ratings are up on my Goodreads, as well as any reviews I write. I also have a whole video documenting my read-a-thon progress which you can watch here.

Although in the past I devoured YA fiction, I’m now reaching for more non-fiction and adult fiction. I’m currently 3 books ahead of my Goodreads goal of 12 books, which I hope to surpass. Regardless of how long this reading phase lasts, I am so excited to delve back into my bookshelves and share my reading with you.

What are you currently reading? I’d love to know!

April 8, 2018

RIP Polyvore.Com

My favorite fashion collage site has died, replaced by an ecommerce site called Ssense. I could not have seen this coming and I am deeply saddened by the loss of this site. I have been making fashion collages on there for about 7 years, so I was shocked to find it suddenly gone. I'll miss being able to make fashion collages of my dream wardrobe, but I also wish that I could access my account to be able to save all of my old collages.

February 26, 2018

Artsy Goth // Outfit of the Day

I'm a huge fan of color. Seriously, it's one of my favorite things in life. But black is always a go-to for me. It makes me feel like a badass, which is honestly how I wish I felt all the time. My wannabe-goth teen-self would for sure be proud of this outfit, dark green lipstick and all. 

I have been getting so much use out of my thrifted long-sleeve L.L. Bean shirt. It is a great basic, and the material is super soft with just enough stretch. Out of everything in my wardrobe, I've been pulling this one out the most. Over top of that I layered this gorgeous tank, which I acquired from my mom's wardrobe. I love it as a layering piece, but I also think it is going to make a great little sexy outfit one day. With some black leggings and my new favorite boots, I loved the vibe this look gave off. I felt like I looked like I listen to jazz and write poetry in my free time, which isn't entirely false.

What is your favorite color to wear?