January 20, 2018

Three Spring 2018 Collections That I'm Loving

Now that I run this fashion blog and want to become a fashion stylist, keeping up with the fashion industry is a must. That means pouring over blogs, watching as many fashion videos on YouTube as I can, and looking at the latest runway shows to see what is trending this year. (Hint: I’m getting lots of western/pioneer vibes.) Because I’m so excited about this spring’s trends, I thought I would share my three favorite ready-to-wear collections. Let’s go!


One of my favorite trends for this year is long layers, which gives outfits a more androgynous feel. Marni does just that, by pairing oversized polos with baggy pants and long skirts. I’m very excited to try recreating some of these looks with thrift store finds.


Loewe’s spring collection is giving me Little House on the Prairie mixed with 70’s boho vibes, and it makes me want to go exploring. With its muted colors and flowy silhouettes, I will be pulling inspiration from this collection all year long.

Ace & Jig

I never would have guessed I’d be so inspired by some southwestern and pioneer style clothing, but here we are. Ace & Jig’s collection has to be my number one fave. Between their color scheme, the way they layer pieces, and their beautiful woven fabrics, this is not only a collection, but a brand, that I have grown quite fond of since I started researching fashion on a daily basis.

Those are my top three favorite spring 2018 ready-to-wear collections. I've loved delving further into the world of fashion. Looking at different collections has helped me figure out styles and determine what I like. It's honestly a lot of fun to look for trends throughout them, too. Finding designers I like makes me feel more like a part of the fashion world. 

What is your favorite spring 2018 collection?

January 18, 2018

Redecorate Your Space With Things You Already Own

Because I was lucky enough to get a dresser for Christmas (no, I didn’t have a dresser prior), the entire dynamic of my room has changed. The dresser is now the focal piece, a title that formally went to the small bookcase by my bed. With my new addition, my room needed a little revamp. But with limited funds, I couldn’t afford to go buy new decor and storage pieces. Instead, I shopped my bedroom, rethinking storage containers and changing up my decor. I am more than pleased with my results, and I didn’t have to spend a cent. Here is how you can redecorate and reorganize your space using things that you already have in your house!

1. Use Unconventional Storage

I have three metal baskets around my room, two in green and one in blue. While two of them contain all of my journals, one has been floating around my room empty for the past several months. The idea didn’t come to me to put some stuffies in it until I realize that my frog and teddy matched my color scheme perfectly. Thus, they now live on my little bookcase, happily watching the world from my green basket. I also used a pink pot to hold my lotions, and a mug to hold my makeup brushes.


2. Keep Like Colors Together

Green and pink are my favorite colors, if you didn’t already know. Although I am pretty picky about them, I do like a lot of shades. In looking around my room at the decor I have, I noticed two shades that appear more than once- a bright Kelly green and a vibrant purple-toned pink. So what did I do? Collected my bright green and pink items and placed them all on my bookcase and bedside table. This way the area around my bed looks cohesive, and I can focus my baby pinks and darker greens around my dresser.


3. Treat Each Surface as a Blank Canvas

Along with keeping colors coordinated, I also stuck with the same feel for each surface of my room. While my small bookcase is bright and fun and holds some of my childhood items, my dresser is soft and mature, using plants and makeup as decor. If you are lucky enough to have one single style and one favorite color, this step will be easy because your entire room will match without you having to keep similar styles together.

4. Incorporate Things That Bring You Joy

With my Lisa Frank box on my bookcase and my favorite crystals scattered across my dresser, each surface has bits and pieces of things that bring me pure joy, without ruining the style. I found my crystals to go quite nicely with my various makeup and jewelry items. They all have a soft, sophisticated feel.

5. Have One Focal Point

For me, that’s my new dresser. But it can also be just about any piece of furniture or area of your room. It should be something that your eye is drawn to, whether because of the color, size or the way you decorated it. With my homemade poster above my dresser, your eye goes right up from the top of the dresser all the way to the ice-cream lights I have hanging above the poster.

I hope those tips help you redecorate your room and spice up your surfaces! I had a lot of fun bringing pieces of myself to different parts of my room, and I am more than excited to finally own a dresser again, especially one so beautiful. If you would like to see a full tour of my decorated dresser, you can check out the video I made for my YouTube channel below.

January 16, 2018

Twenty-Six // OOTD

Today is my birthday! I've been on the earth for 26 years, which is pretty wild, to be honest. I've never been fond of my birthdays but it's something that's unavoidable. Instead of getting all existential in today's post, I'm bringing you a very special "outfit of the day". 

This past Sunday I went to lunch with my family to celebrate, and wore an outfit that I put together the night before. Like, literally put together. The shirt and skirt that I wore were made by yours truly. That isn't to say that I'm bragging at all. They are far from perfect and honestly I could have done better if I didn't decide to make everything right before bed. Nonetheless, I'm just proud of myself for actually following through and being (somewhat) patient in order to make both a skirt and matching shirt from scratch. 

I recently picked sewing back up for some unknown reason. I remembered watching this video on YouTube over a year ago, and figured I could do something similar with that tank top I picked up at the thrift store back in December. After making a couple crop tops, I aimed a bit higher and came out with this adorable circle skirt! Once that was finished, I knew I had to wear it to my birthday lunch, but of course I needed to make a matching shirt first.

I added a pretty floral shirt that I got for Christmas over top of it, and opted for tights since the weather has been super cold. Again, I went for my go-to brown booties, no surprise there. Confident in my (mostly) handmade outfit, I had a lovely birthday lunch. I even tried a new food-gumbo. It was pretty good! Although I have no plans for today, I do have a movie date with my girlfriend and an exciting thrifting adventure awaiting me this weekend!

January 13, 2018

NYX Cosmetics Haul & First Impressions

After needing a new liquid eyeliner for the longest time, I finally picked one up, along with a couple other little goodies. I decided to go with NYX Cosmetics, as they've very rarely let me down, and they are a cruelty-free brand. Thus, I bring you this blog's first haul!

Starting off with the reason for this entire order- the eyeliner. NYX's Epic Ink Liner, to be precise (pun intended). Unlike felt tip liners, this one is a brush tip, so it's built just like an artist's paintbrush. Because of this, the brush shouldn't dry out or retain eyeshadow residue the way felt tips tend to do. It also doesn't get gluey and stick to your lashes the way their regular liquid eyeliner does. I've already been loving this product, but the true test will be to see how long it lasts.

Next up we have the HD Studio Photogenic Concealer in the shade Alabaster. I've been in need of a concealer for approximately four or five years. Prior to this one, I would just use my foundation, but boy was I missing out. Although the formula is a bit thick, it blends out beautifully and covers up my dark circles like a dream. I tested it out on my tattoo and it did a pretty decent job for a concealer that doesn't claim to cover up tattoos. 

Now onto the fun, unnecessary products! For only a couple bucks, I picked up one of their Hot Singles eyeshadows in the color STFU, which is a bright yellow. Yellow is one of those colors that I wish I had on rare occasions, especially to go with purple. This one is pretty decent, though not as bright as I had hoped. With enough layers, the color builds nicely, but it is a bit shear for my liking. 

Finally, onto lip products. This one I just couldn't resist. After researching different NYX lip products, I found this amazing, unique color which is honestly one of my favorite colors ever. Plus, it looks super cool on. Just weird enough to scare my mom but still wearable enough for me to feel confident in it. It is the Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in the online exclusive color Extraterrestrial, a deep olive with silver. I'm in love with it, what can I say. 

Lastly, I picked up two of their Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks. They are super inexpensive, but such a great product. I got the colors B52 and Tea Rose. While they are both lovely, B52 is probably going to be my go-to lipstick from now on. 

That concludes my NYX haul! I hope you enjoyed it! I'm pretty happy with everything, and will continue to buy NYX products, as they are one of the best drugstore brands that don't test on animals. I'm honestly so excited to have a concealer and I can't wait to play around with everything further.

Which item was your favorite??

January 11, 2018

Non-Binary Does Not Equal Androgynous

I bought my first men’s shirt in a Goodwill this past September. It was new with the tags, and I almost didn’t buy it because I’m too stingy with money for my own good. Having to make a last minute decision at the cash register didn’t help either because unfortunately anxiety is a good friend of mine. But I bought the shirt, wore it the following day, and with my new short haircut I felt contentedly queer. I felt androgynous.

Discovering that I was non-binary had instilled in me a need to look androgynous. At the time, I thought dressing androgynously would allow people to see me as a person, not a girl. With my new shirt, I felt like I had finally achieved the look that I strived for. Androgyny was the goal after all. Wasn’t it?

Wearing that men’s shirt didn’t take away my love for women’s fashion, however. Dresses are my go-to outfit. And while both men and women’s fashions can be androgynous in nature, I tend to lean towards the more feminine. But wasn’t the whole goal to stop looking like a girl?

Over the next few months, I discovered several things to be true.

1. Regardless of how I look, I am not a girl. I am non-binary. I am neither a man nor a woman. Maybe some combination of both, but definitely not one or the other.
2. People are going to see me however they want to see me. The important thing is that I’m comfortable and happy in the clothes I wear.
3. Being comfortable and happy in the clothes I wear means wearing what I want, not trying to fit into an androgynous non-binary stereotype.
4. Most importantly, non-binary does not equal androgynous. For some people, androgyny is the goal. Others prefer more masculine or feminine looks. Some people like to change it up. It all depends on the person.

It does not matter how androgynous you look. No non-binary person is more non-binary than another because of how they look. Style is meant for self-expression. So while I do not fit the gender binary, I do prefer more feminine things. That’s just me. I find women’s clothing to generally be more fun and appealing, but I’m always open to trying new things.

Buying that men’s shirt was a big step for me. It not only taught me that androgyny does not have to be my ultimate goal, but also that it can be if I want it to. Dressing how you feel is way more important that trying to fit a stereotype. Everyday is a new opportunity to be yourself, and clothes can help you achieve that.

I am no less non-binary in a tulle skirt than when I’m in a men’s polo. Even when I combine the two together and make something all my own, I am still non-binary.

January 8, 2018

How to Create a Fashion Moodboard

If you were to look inside my mind, it would be categorized into various moods and vibes. I am always striving to create the perfect aesthetic, constantly tweaking my art, my clothes, and my Pinterest boards in order to better express myself. I think this is due in part to having synesthesia, which has me giving colors, moods and even genders to letters, numbers and words. It’s pretty cool, to be honest.

Sometimes I’m feeling velvet red, listening to Lana Del Rey, watching Twin Peaks, dreaming of small cities by the sea, with angel wings, Hello Kitty bandaids and a Barbie Dream Dumpster. Other times I feel like minimal white and green, toting a Kanken bag, nursing 100+ plants in an Ikea furnished studio apartment in Tokyo. I have a number of moods like that floating around in my head at any given moment, and occasionally I’ll try translating them into fashion.

This is where the moodboard comes in. What better to give you those good vibes than a board full of handpicked inspiration? Today I’m going to show you how to make your very own fashion moodboard.

Before even deciding the theme of your moodboard, you’re going to want to choose a medium. This is dependent solely on your personal preference. My top three places to create a moodboard are in a physical notebook, on Pinterest, and on Polyvore. I’m going to run you through each of these ways, starting with the most fashion-based one, and a site I frequent nearly everyday- Polyvore.

Polyvore is a site that lets you create ‘sets’ or collages of things like fashion, art or home decor, using their continuously growing database of items, which you can then go and purchase via links, if you so desire. My favorite way to use Polyvore is by creating my dream wardrobe. I’ll start out with a simple idea, and make a digital collage out of it, like the one below. These collages then show up on my page, which I can revisit again and again to get fashion inspiration.

I recommend Polyvore for outfit moodboards, and for figuring out what styles you like. It has been a great tool for me in learning what my personal style is. It’s also a really relaxing activity. On nights when I can’t sleep, I’ll use the app on my phone to create some dream outfits.

Next up is Pinterest, a site that most people know about, so I won’t go into too much detail. Being a longtime Tumblr user, I really love Pinterest’s boards, which you can use to collect photos and webpages into different categories. I have a board just for my style inspiration, but also a bunch of random moodboards whose contents form a cohesive and inspiring picture. I recommend Pinterest overall, as it’s a great place to save links. The good thing about Pinterest moodboards is that you can continuously add to them, and look back on them for inspiration.


My favorite way of creating a moodboard, however, is on good ole’ notebook paper. I own a ridiculous amount of notebooks, so naturally a couple of them are devoted to fashion collages and moodboards. I have an up-cycled book that I paste in full magazine pages, which is my overall life inspiration book. Like a Pinterest board, the entire book is a moodboard. My other notebook is filling up with all things fashion related, from notes about fabrics to outfit inspiration. This is where I create most of my fashion moodboards.

Once you’ve chosen a platform, it’s time to decide on a theme or mood for your board. For my example, I focused on color, but you can use anything you want. Color, style, or a specific piece of clothing are all great places to derive a theme from. I went for a dark, faded color theme, with a hint of military and feminine style.

Open a fresh notebook page, start a new Pinterest board, or create a new set on Polyvore. Now you’re ready to start creating your moodboard.

It’s time to gather up your images and links. If you’re on Polyvore, you can save your favorite pieces in “my items” or search the database to create your set. Pinterest doesn’t really require any steps after collecting your images/links. Simply save them to your board and continue. For the notebook one, you’ll want to scour magazines or print pictures off the internet to collect for your collage.

You’ll want to look not only for outfits and pieces of clothing, but also textures, colors and items that fit the mood of your board. I added a picture of metal drawers to my moodboard, which continued with the dull color and vintage feel of it. Some examples of things to add to your moodboard are: scrapbook papers, paint chips, clothing tags, newspaper clippings, photographs, and drawings.

Putting things together is one of the more fun parts, in my opinion. On Polyvore you can resize, rotate and cut up images just like in real life. When working in a notebook, I like to keep the page balanced with a fair amount of pictures. I usually also leave some space so I can scribble in some notes or add bits of washi tape. Likewise, you can add neat effects on Polyvore.

With your completed moodboard, you can flip back to it again and again to get outfit inspiration. Making a moodboard around a specific piece can help you figure out how you want to style it. A board of solely one style of fashion can help you discover what you really love. I like to keep a certain vibe in mind when creating all of my moodboards. If I love the vibe, I’ll be inspired by it over and over.

That's the basis of it! With these tips you can make your own moodboards to help inspire you to dress up, or help you find your personal style!

January 6, 2018

60's Inspired Makeup Look // Black & Blush


Doing my makeup for the fun of it is one of the best things ever. Usually I get in the mood to try a new look in the middle of the night, but this time I felt like doing some weird makeup for absolutely no reason during the day. 

It is a look inspired by 1960's makeup and one of my fashion icons, Riley (aka GraveyardGoddess). Using blush as the main element in this look, I topped my eyelids with glitter, and used black acrylic paint as eyeliner because I am out of liquid eyeliner (sad face).

I think this is such a cute, fresh look. Matching your cheeks to your eyes gives such a warm glow. Though it's something a bit different, I don't doubt that I'll wear this look out at some point in the future because why not.

What do you think about this look? Would you wear weird makeup out in public?