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GELAN wins the top ten brands of Yuba

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-02-25 

In 2018, with its excellent quality and unique design style, GELAN Electric stood out with many industry brands and won the honor of “2018 Yuba Top Ten Brand” issued by CNPP Brand Data Research Institute. This is Volkswagen's GELAN Electric The trust and affirmation of the efforts made in the past twenty years has also been highly recognized by all the Granites.

Top ten brand rankings, CNPP data research, top ten brand network china-10.com combined with the launch of the top ten Yuba brand list, Yuba top ten brand list shows the top 10 data of various industries, is the brand credit index And dozens of data statistics calculation system automatically generated, is the result of real and objective presentation of big data, cloud computing, data statistics. The original data is derived from online voting and netizen word-of-mouth scoring. It integrates a number of institutional media and website rankings, and generates automatic calculation programs for a wide range of data resources through specific computer models.


Only companies with scale, influence, and economic strength may appear on the website. If they are famous in the industry, they will be included in the website. The top ten brands of Yuba are not certified, not auctioned, not commended, not evaluated. It is the result of the corporate brand credit index and dozens of statistics calculations. The ranking is in no order, no need to apply for declaration, no existence To assess the process of selection, companies do not need to pay any fees and serve the consumers free of charge.

This time, the award won GELAN Electric to enhance its brand image and further enhance the company's soft power. It also conveyed the company's corporate culture and philosophy to the public, and also provided more value for consumers and friends to purchase Yuba brand. Reference. Through this selection activity, we have a more comprehensive understanding of market demand and consumer appeals, and made a professional assessment of the safe consumption of the home electrical industry, setting excellent industry and brand to set the benchmark for the industry and enhancing the brand image. At the same time, the company's culture and philosophy are conveyed to the public. The top ten brands of Yuba in 2018 are the biggest recognition and affirmation of the GELAN brand.


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