Hi there! My name is Emerson Meyer. I’m a non-binary artist & writer from upstate NY. If you couldn’t already guess by the blog name, I use they/them/their pronouns!

When I first came out as non-binary in the autumn of 2016, I never realized what a process it would be, or that style would be such a huge part of that process. A year later, I decided to create this blog as not only a way to document my style journey, but also to share my experience as an AFAB, genderqueer person who is trying to live as their authentic self.





Welcome to they/them/wear! 


This blog is like a public journal, art portfolio, fashion lookbook, photo album, and DIY blog all rolled into one! Here, I’ll share my various creative endeavors, from sketching to putting outfits together. I’ll also talk about more serious topics, like gender, spirituality and mental health. If it’s a part of my life, I’ll probably discuss it at some point. Expect chaos, but in the best way possible!

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