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Which is better for the warm bath and the warm bath?

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-01-12 

Many owners will encounter such a problem when they purchase a new bathroom in the renovation of a new house. Which is better for the lamp warm bath and the warm air bath? Today, GELAN Xiaobian will tell everyone about the lamp warm bath and the lamp warm bath.

Lamp warm bath

The lamp is warmer than the wind and warmer, everyone should be familiar with the lamp warm. Lamp warm bath is more common, and it is also the most cost-effective type of Yuba. The lamp warmer uses the heat radiation of the bulb to raise the temperature, so its advantage is that it heats up quickly and consumes less power, but the biggest disadvantage is: there is safety. Hidden dangers, such as: poor eyesight for children.

The lamp warm bath is suitable for a small-sized bathroom. If the area is relatively large, it may be difficult to take it outside the lamp. Moreover, Yuba has requirements for the height of the bathroom. The bathroom with very low floor height should not be used, and the people who will take photos are not comfortable.


Wind warm bath

Wind-heated Yuba: The principle of the air-heating Yuba is similar to that of the air conditioner. After the power is turned on, the hot air can be emitted from it, and the heated area is relatively large and uniform. The safety performance is relatively high. But the price is more expensive, the biggest drawback is that the preheating is slower. At the same time, the power is relatively large (the power of a single air outlet is generally above 1000W), and it consumes more electricity than the lamp warmer.

There is no limit to the height and area of the bathroom, and it is suitable for most families. At the same time, avoid the bathtub or shower when installing the wind, so that the hot air will not blow directly to the body, so as not to feel dry when taking a bath.

Although the air heater has high power consumption, it is not without a solution: the hot water and the air heater can be turned on at the same time before the bath to speed up the heating rate of the bathroom. After the room temperature is suitable, the bath can be turned off to reduce the energy consumption.


Light warm bath and wind warm bath Yu contrast:

1. Energy-saving: The lamp heating power is about 1100w~2000w, and the wind heating power is about 1400w~2200w. So from the point of view of energy saving and power consumption, look at how much power you choose.

2. Safety: The light of the lamp is more glaring, especially for children, the damage will be even greater. At the same time, the infrared rays in the warmth of the lamp may cause burns to the skin after being used for a long time, which is harmful to health.

3. Price: From the market point of view, the price of wind heating is much higher than that of the lamp.

4. Comfort: The lamp warmer is suitable for small-sized houses, but the lighting is more glaring. If the time is long, it will feel uncomfortable; while the wind warmer is more suitable for most families, and it can also freely adjust the cold air and warm air, and the experience is better.

Through the above introduction to the lamp warm bath and the wind warm bath, I think everyone has an answer in mind, you can choose according to the situation of your bathroom.


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