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Wall switch socket child safety door

Editor:Switch socket _ switch socket to join the agent _ switch socket top ten brands _ Yuba manufacturers wholesale _ Zhejiang GELAN E │ Release Time:2019-01-17 

The national switchgear must be equipped with a safety door with a safety door. The socket without a safety door is not allowed to be produced. The sockets sold on the market without safety doors are all produced by the manufacturer. The wall switch socket child safety protection door is used to protect children's safety. Then why should we design a wall switch socket protection door for children? This is mainly because children are young and love to touch with their fingers and often touch the socket. In addition, some children like to use things like sticks or spoon forks to insert things, if you don't pay attention, it is easy to insert into the socket, which will cause electric shock.


The child safety protection door of the wall switch socket is specially designed for this kind of hidden danger. It is a set of plastic pieces with interlocking structure, installed in two jacks, usually blocking the jack to prevent the entry of foreign objects and affecting safety, 2 The baffles of the holes are interlocked, and the single one cannot be opened, and must be inserted at the same time. When the plug is inserted, it is pushed away. After it is pulled out, it automatically returns to the position by the internal spring.

The performance of the child safety protection door of the wall switch socket: in order to achieve the requirement of simultaneous insertion to open, the plastic sheet must have a certain hardness and elasticity, the strength of the spring should be appropriate, neither too laborious nor too loose, two It is especially important that the interlocking of the plastic sheets is reliable and that the single holes are not allowed to be inserted, since accidents are often generated when a single hole is inserted.


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