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Multi-function Yuba purchase knowledge

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-14 

Yuba is installed in the bathroom, the bathroom is a damp place, so you can't be sloppy when buying Yuba. With the advancement of technology, Yuba functions are becoming more and more abundant. So, how to buy a multi-function Yuba?


Buy a safe, high-quality heating lamp

The heating bulb is an infrared quartz radiation lamp, which adopts the warming radiation to warm the heating range, the temperature rises quickly, and the effect is good. It does not need to be preheated, and the temperature can be raised to 23-25 ° C in an instant. When purchasing, be sure to pay attention to whether the heating lamp has sufficient safety, and it should be strictly waterproof and explosion-proof; the lamp cap should be double-threaded to prevent falling off. In addition, you should choose a product with a protective net outside the heating bubble. The infrared heating bulb uses a hard explosion-proof glass, and its high-strength connection also prevents the risk of the lamp cap and the glass shell falling off. Yuba lighting basically uses conventional 45w and 60w bulbs, which can be used as lighting for bathrooms. Any high-quality Yuba with the above characteristics should be recorded in the product manual.

Buy intelligent automatic negative ion bath Yuba

The collection integrates heating, lighting, ventilation, blowing, air guiding and purifying air. It adopts built-in electric overheat protector, which can automatically shut down when the temperature rises to a certain level; and the new negative ion technology enables it to be sourced. Constantly produce fresh negative ions, avoid bacteria in the air, and make the bathroom air fresher.

Buy decorative and prominent Yuba

Yuba is installed on the top of the bathroom and does not occupy space. The latest Yuba is more modern in terms of thickness reduction, streamline shape and color diversification. It has a very good decorative effect. The heating bubble adopts a low color temperature design, and the light is soft and does not irritate the eyes.

Select power according to the area of use and height

The choice of Yuba depends on the area of use and the height of the bathroom. The Yuba on the market mainly has two, three and four heating bulbs, and the applicable areas are different. Generally, the bathroom is chosen at a height of 2.6m. The two bulbs are suitable for a bathroom of about 4 square meters. This is mainly for old-fashioned buildings with small bathrooms; the four lamps are suitable for bathrooms of about 6-8 square meters. This is mainly for the new residential buildings.

Use material and appearance process inspection

When purchasing the bath, you should also pay attention to the inspection of the external process level, requiring stainless steel, painted parts, plastic parts, glass enamel, plating parts, etc., the surface is evenly bright, no detachment, no dents or severe scratches, squeezing marks, appearance Pretty.

Choose 3C certified professional brand products

Some large-scale professional and well-funded factories have developed sophisticated brand-name products with superior technology, stable performance, safety and reliability. When purchasing, check whether there is a 3C certification standard for China's requirements for home appliance products to achieve product quality. The certified product body or packaging should have 3C certification; there must be a production license issued by the state, with the name of the factory and the site. , the date of the factory, the product certificate, the number of the inspector, as well as the drawings, after-sales credit card, service station address and telephone number.

Choose after-sales service guaranteed products

Yuba professional manufacturers and brand-name products recognized by the market, the general warranty for one to three years and lifetime maintenance, local maintenance service department outlets, to do free installation, door maintenance. After the failure of the spare parts such as the xenon lamp, the manufacturer can immediately replace and supply the product for a long time, and the product can be upgraded free of charge. Therefore, consumers should choose products with perfect after-sales service.

The above is the knowledge of the multi-function Yuba purchase, I hope to help you. Want to know more about Yuba Consulting, please pay attention to the Gran Electric industry information.


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