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Home switch socket equipped and reserved

Editor:Switch socket _ switch socket to join the agent _ switch socket top ten brands _ Yuba manufacturers wholesale _ Zhejiang GELAN E │ Release Time:2019-01-21 

The renovated friends should be very clear. The installation of the switch socket is very important. Many times it affects the appearance. Many times, the switch socket is not enough. Here, GELAN Xiaobian will share with you what equipment should be equipped and where to reserve switch sockets, as follows:

The bathroom and kitchen are equipped with waterproof sockets;

Households with small children must consider the choice of safety sockets, which have special protective measures;

Air conditioning, can not be mixed with other outlets with air conditioning outlets;

It is best to use a 5-hole socket for ordinary sockets, which is convenient to use.


Where you need to reserve a switch socket:

Kitchen: Because I will use the range hood, water dispenser, refrigerator; it is best to keep two above the counter top to facilitate the use of some small appliances, such as rice cookers, ovens, etc.;

Toilet: Washing machine, water heater, mirror next to the best add a socket, convenient for men to charge the razor;

Bedroom: One power outlet is provided on each side of the bed; one telephone socket is provided on one side; if necessary, you can consider setting the network cable; air conditioning socket, cable TV socket.

The home switch socket is equipped with no effect on the decoration effect, try to reserve enough!


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