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Switch socket preferred safety

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-19 

Switch sockets are small items in the home electrical, and are often not taken seriously during the home improvement process. However, according to statistics, the total number of fires caused by electrical fires is as high as 27%, and the quality and installation of switch sockets is one of the important factors leading to electrical fires. Today, GELAN Xiaobian will tell you about the key points of the switch socket selection.


1. Terminals: There are two kinds of conventional screw terminals and quick-connect terminals that have been introduced from Japan and are becoming more and more popular. Although the latter is more difficult to produce, the use is more reliable, and the wiring is very simple and fast, even for non-professional construction personnel. Simply plug the wire into the terminal hole and the connection is complete and will never fall off. Compared with the quick-connect terminals, the screw terminal wiring quality is easily affected by the technical level of the construction personnel, and after the wiring, it is prone to loosening when it is subjected to vibration or external force pulling, resulting in virtual connection or even falling off.

2, switch feel: feel is the simplest way for ordinary consumers to judge the switch is good or bad. A good switch generally has a hard spring, and it has a strong sense of strength when switching, while an ordinary switch is very soft, and even the phenomenon that the switch handle is stopped in the middle position often occurs.

3. Fluorescent switch: Fluorescent switch generally has coating type and power-emitting type (such as blistering). The price of the former is lower, but since the phosphor is illuminated by the amount of light stored by the external light source, after the external light source disappears at night, the energy is very high. It runs out quickly and does not play a fluorescent role. The products of regular manufacturers generally use power-emitting technology, which can be illuminated for a long time, and the price is relatively expensive. It is suitable for medium-to-high-end decoration or certain specific locations, such as room entrances, toilet lights, stairs, etc.

4, copper: As a copper material, although it can not be seen clearly at the time of purchase, but it is crucial for the socket. The easiest way to judge is to use a plug to try out whether the insertion force is moderate, and then rub it with your hand, whether the socket is really a bit heavy.

5. Insulation material: Insulation material is very important for the safety of switch sockets, but it is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge. It is best to do a combustion test on the core components when purchasing. If there is no condition, look from the appearance. It is said that good materials are generally hard and hard to scratch, and the structure is tight and heavy.


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