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Switch socket top ten brand joining fee

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-07 

Switch sockets are used to connect and disconnect electrical circuits. Switch sockets are just needed for life. Venture capitalists have always been optimistic about this industry. Switching sockets have become an entrepreneurial trend. At present, there are countless types of switch socket brands on the market. If you want to operate a good franchise store better, you should not only choose the address of the switch socket franchise store, but also the marketing strategy. It is even more important to choose a good brand to join. The top ten brands of switch sockets have become the target of many franchisees, but is it expensive to join the top ten brands?


GELAN Electric is one of the fastest growing switch socket brands in recent years, specializing in the development, production and sales of wall switches, sockets and other related products. At present, GELAN Electric has more than 100 patented technologies and more than 10,000 sales outlets. It has been selected as the top ten brands of switch sockets for many years. With its comprehensive strength, GELAN Electric has become China's largest switch socket manufacturer. So, what is the GELAN electrical joining fee? GELAN Electric joining is 0 fee. However, you need to have operating costs such as: storefront fees, purchase costs and some miscellaneous fees.

However, if you want to join GELAN Electric, you also need to have certain requirements:

1. The agent agrees with the development concept and strategic planning of the Granville brand and is willing to cooperate for a long time to jointly develop the long-term development of the Granville brand and business.

2. The agent has the brand operation concept and certain financial strength, and has market planning ability and marketing experience.

3. The agent has relevant network channels, a basic sales service team and a sound service concept.

4. The agent is willing to accept the company's inspection and professional training, and obey the company management.

Through the above general introduction to the switch socket and the cost, do you have a general understanding of the heart? I hope I can help you. If you want to know more about joining, you can consult the online customer service or call us.


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