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Common switch socket wiring diagram Daquan

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-01 

Switch socket is a must-have for home, everyone is very familiar with, we can see different types of switch sockets in our home life, more common ones are single single control, multiple single control, with switch socket and so on. Today, Gran will share the wiring diagram of the commonly used switch sockets in daily life.

1, single unit single control switch: common common switch wiring in life, single open single control wiring diagram, simple and most commonly used, must be wired, life must be small skills.


2, triple-connected single-control switch: the most common switch in previous years, does not take up space, and now the small-sized apartment also tries to use the switch.


3, multi-joint single control switch: the same as the previous one, but too much, so it is difficult to identify, easy to break.


4. Socket with switch: It can eliminate the cumbersome plugging and unplugging, making the socket longer and more convenient.


5, socket with light switch: save space, you can avoid the number of wall switch sockets.


6, single open dual control switch: This switch is most commonly used in stairwells and bedrooms, that is, any switch can control the opening and closing of a light. Very convenient to use, this kind of wiring must be learned, will be used later.


7, three open single control switch: This and the previous conjoined single control should pay attention to distinguish, this can be controlled by any switch, the above is to order control.


8, four open single control switch: now the use of switches should be less, because the use is not very convenient, too easy to break.


9. Socket with light switch: In fact, the switch and socket are independent. There is no impact on each other, but they are tied together to save space, which is very suitable for small spaces.


10, three open dual control switch: you can share the incoming line, you can also use the incoming line separately.


The above 10 kinds are the common switch socket wiring diagrams, but each brand design may be different. The above is only for reference, and it needs to be operated according to the manual. If you want to know other switch socket wiring, you can consult the GELAN online staff.


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