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86 type household switch socket installation detailed

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-01-10 

Type 86 switch socket is the most popular and popular switch socket on the market. How much do you know about Type 86 switch sockets? Do you know how to install it? Today, GELAN will tell you how to install the Type 86 switch socket.


The home circuit usually has three lines: fire, neutral and ground. The grounding wire generally uses yellow-green two-color wire. When wiring the switch socket, we must first use the test pencil to find the fire and the zero line, and use the color as a good mark.

a. If the wall switch is used to control the on/off of the power supply of the outlet, the wiring method is as follows: firstly connect the L terminal of the line to the switch, (ie, the incoming line of the live line), and then connect the L1 terminal of the switch (ie the live line) The outlet port is connected to the L terminal of the two-hole socket (ie, the live wire terminal), and then the neutral wire is connected to the N terminal (zero wire terminal) of the socket.

b. If the inner socket does not need to be controlled by the switch, the switch will only control the luminaire, then the wiring method is as follows: connect the fire wire to the L terminal of the switch, connect the L1 terminal of the switch with a terminal of the lamp, and put the zero The line is connected to the other terminal of the lamp cap, and the switch forms a loop with the lamp. Then connect the live wire to the L terminal of the two-hole socket, connect the neutral wire to the N terminal of the socket, and the two-hole socket becomes another circuit.

86 type wall switch socket installation details

Detail 1: When we let the electrician install multi-connection wall switch sockets, we must first have a logical judgment standard, or follow the order of the orientation of the lights, one by one.

Detail 2: When installing the kitchen switch socket, you should also choose multi-connector wall switch socket, especially the kitchen exhaust switch, it is best to put it in the last one, the middle control light switch should not jump, this will separate the function and facilitate Future memories and usage habits.

Install multiple wall switch sockets, so that it will not open a switch. All the switches will be opened, saving electricity, and installing multiple wall switch sockets, which can facilitate our memory and meet our electricity habits. When installing multiple wall switch sockets, you should also pay attention to the above details.


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