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GELAN Electric 118-E8 large board series switch sockets are on the line

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-05-22 

With the diversified styles of Nordic, retro, light luxury, and pastoral, the style of home decoration is no longer the same. Now you have another choice: different home decoration, GELAN electric 118 type-E8 large board series switch socket, let the family have their own personality.


GELAN Electric E8 large board series switch socket, E9 Athens white / champagne gold / matte black, three classic color products, to meet different kinds of home decoration style, interpretation of a variety of different living environments.

GELAN Electric E8 large board series switch socket, simple and luxurious frameless design style, add a sense of home beauty and fashion ~ not only highlights the quality of space, but also become the finishing touch of the entire home decoration.

GELAN Electric E8 large board series switch socket, detailed corner design, every touch, you can feel the comfortable touch from the fingertips. Single control, dual control, multi-control and other classifications to meet the switching needs of different spaces~

GELAN electrical E8 large board series switch socket, good material, high standard. The use of high-quality polymer PC raw materials, high flame retardant, so that the products are more pure, better quality. Not only resistance to arc impact but also flame retardant and non-deformation, GELAN Electric controls quality, only to protect your safety~

GELAN electrical E8 large board series switch socket, child safety protection door design, anti-foreign material insertion, become the guardian angel of the baby, baby safety, mother peace of mind.


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