January 20, 2018

Three Spring 2018 Collections That I'm Loving

Now that I run this fashion blog and want to become a fashion stylist, keeping up with the fashion industry is a must. That means pouring over blogs, watching as many fashion videos on YouTube as I can, and looking at the latest runway shows to see what is trending this year. (Hint: I’m getting lots of western/pioneer vibes.) Because I’m so excited about this spring’s trends, I thought I would share my three favorite ready-to-wear collections. Let’s go!


One of my favorite trends for this year is long layers, which gives outfits a more androgynous feel. Marni does just that, by pairing oversized polos with baggy pants and long skirts. I’m very excited to try recreating some of these looks with thrift store finds.


Loewe’s spring collection is giving me Little House on the Prairie mixed with 70’s boho vibes, and it makes me want to go exploring. With its muted colors and flowy silhouettes, I will be pulling inspiration from this collection all year long.

Ace & Jig

I never would have guessed I’d be so inspired by some southwestern and pioneer style clothing, but here we are. Ace & Jig’s collection has to be my number one fave. Between their color scheme, the way they layer pieces, and their beautiful woven fabrics, this is not only a collection, but a brand, that I have grown quite fond of since I started researching fashion on a daily basis.

Those are my top three favorite spring 2018 ready-to-wear collections. I've loved delving further into the world of fashion. Looking at different collections has helped me figure out styles and determine what I like. It's honestly a lot of fun to look for trends throughout them, too. Finding designers I like makes me feel more like a part of the fashion world. 

What is your favorite spring 2018 collection?


  1. The Ace & Jig stuff is fascinating. I know what you mean about pioneer style, it's not something you'd expect to capture you, but I think that's what gives it so much power to capture your attention.

    Lilly xoxo

  2. Interesting. This looks like a very mixed style. Good news for me, though, as I think my bags will go really well with the new trends :-)

  3. Wow lots of really colorful looks! Thanks for sharing! https://www.blyssyourheart.com