August 6, 2018

The Two Fanny Packs Everyone Should Own

Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of fanny packs, despite their bad rep. Not only are they super convenient and handy, they are also a really fashionable trend this year. Fanny packs were all over the runway for spring, and I think they have a chance of sticking around. They are a practical bag that can be worn by anyone, and they are the ideal size for holding just the essentials. 


I started a new job just over a month ago, which is why I haven’t been posting much on my blog. It’s a decent job and it makes me money, so that’s all that matters. Since I started work, I’ve been almost exclusively using my black fanny pack. It’s so easy to grab from my locker,  and sling over my shoulder, then proceed to get out of the building as fast as possible. It also adds a bit of classic style to my look.

Because of its practical, neutral look, my thrifted black East Sport fanny pack can go with just about anything. However, I decided to style it by wearing my favorite colors (green and pink), and adding accents of black from the fanny pack and shoes. For a dollar investment, this fanny pack has been more than a great addition to my wardrobe.

I then paired the outfit with my one other fanny pack, a patterned L.L. Bean bag that my mom picked up for me at a thrift store as well. It goes so nicely with my favorite green shirt, and even has a bit of black to go with the shoes. Both bags are the perfect match for this outfit, and most of my outfits, since I generally go for green, pink and black clothing.

Fanny packs are such a sensible bag, but they can also be a fun accessory and statement piece. In the junior’s section of the store I work there are small iridescent fanny packs with cat faces and ears on them. Pre-teen me definitely would have bought one. However, I am very happy with the two fanny packs that I currently own. I highly recommend that everyone own two good fanny packs- one neutral bag, and one statement bag.

May 30, 2018

Nymphet Fashion // Outfit of the Day

Nymphet fashion is a style directly inspired by the character Dolores Haze in both the book, and the 1997 movie, Lolita. While the book is full of descriptions of Lolita’s outfits, the movie does a perfect job at making them a reality. It is a girly yet mature style, inspired by the 1950’s and perfect for wearing in the summertime.

In this outfit-of-the-day, I attempted to create a nymphet style outfit using what I could find in my closet. I started off with my new favorite shirt (yes, it’s the one I wore in my last makeup post). I found this shirt at Forever 21 in the clearance section for $5. What a deal! It is my favorite shade of pink and overall a super precious piece that has easily become a favorite.

For the bottoms, I wanted to give the look a bit of a sophisticated feel. I went for some nice grey trousers that I thrifted a little while back. I rolled them up at the bottom to make them cuter and more summery. I added my tan mules as a great summertime sandal, and carried around my Nine West bag (seriously the cutest purse ever).

On the day I wore this, I wasn’t feeling makeup, so if you would like a makeup look to go with this outfit, you can check out my post titled Sweet & Glam 60’s Makeup. I also didn’t add any jewelry, but I think simple is the best with nymphet style. Add a choker or a couple thin bracelets to accessorize this look.

You will definitely see me in this shirt again at some point this summer, probably over on my Instagram. It’s definitely the most nymphet-ish piece I own, so I’ll probably create more Lolita inspired looks with it eventually.

What do you think of nymphet style? Is it something you’d wear?

May 9, 2018

Lolita Inspired Fashion Collages

Today, 4 days before they deleted them forever, I was able to download my Polyvore sets. To share some style inspiration for a style I've been really into lately, I'm going to show you my favorite lolita/nymphet inspired sets that I have made over the years.

I started out on Polvore making collages of books I was reading, to give a subtle feel for the book and inspire cool aesthetics.  Although I didn't like Burn for Burn very much, it does have one of my favorite ever covers, which I translated into the collage around it.

In the future I will make more posts featuring my Polyvore sets, since they were so much fun to make and are super inspirational to look at. Their styles vary a bit, depending on what I was into at what time. I also want to have a place where all of my inspirational Polyvore sets live online, since the site no longer exists.

What do you think of lolita/nymphet fashion?

May 4, 2018

Sweet & Glam 60's Makeup

IT Cosmetics No. 50 Serum Anti-Aging Collagen Veil Primer
Wet 'n Wild Photofocus Foundation in Soft Ivory
NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer
Found Full Coverage Concealer  
IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination in Light
Physician's Formula Multi-Colored Blush in Blushing Berry
IT Cosmetics Live, Love, Laugh Vitality Face Disc Matte Bronzer
NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross

Urban Decay Naked Palette- Naked, Buck
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette- Whiskey, Thirteen
NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer
Essence Kajal Pencil in White
NYX Epic Ink Liner in Black
IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette- Whiskey

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 41

May 2, 2018

Spring Reading

I’ve been reading again! Yay! If you didn’t already know, reading is one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, I don’t read as much as I wish I did because many things factor into my reading life. Over the years much has changed as far as my reading goes. The one thing that remains is my love of books, which I’m going to talk about today, as well as in future blog posts.

For me, reading comes in cycles. Besides the fact that anxiety and depression get in the way of my reading, I’m also a mood reader. That means I can only read a book I’m in the mood to read. Sometimes it will take me months just to read one book, and sometimes I’ll read five plus books a week. It’s a horrible cycle that usually consists of several solid months of either not reading at all, or barely making it through half of a book, and then about a month of reading like crazy. Right now I’m in my month of crazy reading, and I intend to take full advantage of it.

Last month I re-visited Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. My first time around I didn’t finish it because I found the prose to be way too heavy. However, after finishing it this time, my love of reading has been completely restored. I could gush about this book, but I will save that for the review I plan on posting later on. Let me just say, it is a story that has inspired me in so many different ways. If you’re a lover of the book (or the movies), keep your eyes out for some exciting Lolita inspired fashion posts to come.

After finishing Lolita, I needed something with just as much great yet disturbing content. That brought me to Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen By Proxy Childhood by Julie Gregory. I picked this book up after reading two novels with plot twists that involved Munchausen By Proxy. It is a truly disturbing mental illness and form of abuse, so I’m glad to say that this memoir did have a happy ending.

I then participated in a 24 Hour Read-a-Thon, completing Sickened, as well as Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr, and Fix Me by Rune Michaels. If you want to know my thoughts on those, all of my ratings are up on my Goodreads, as well as any reviews I write. I also have a whole video documenting my read-a-thon progress which you can watch here.

Although in the past I devoured YA fiction, I’m now reaching for more non-fiction and adult fiction. I’m currently 3 books ahead of my Goodreads goal of 12 books, which I hope to surpass. Regardless of how long this reading phase lasts, I am so excited to delve back into my bookshelves and share my reading with you.

What are you currently reading? I’d love to know!

April 8, 2018

RIP Polyvore.Com

My favorite fashion collage site has died, replaced by an ecommerce site called Ssense. I could not have seen this coming and I am deeply saddened by the loss of this site. I have been making fashion collages on there for about 7 years, so I was shocked to find it suddenly gone. I'll miss being able to make fashion collages of my dream wardrobe, but I also wish that I could access my account to be able to save all of my old collages.

February 26, 2018

Artsy Goth // Outfit of the Day

I'm a huge fan of color. Seriously, it's one of my favorite things in life. But black is always a go-to for me. It makes me feel like a badass, which is honestly how I wish I felt all the time. My wannabe-goth teen-self would for sure be proud of this outfit, dark green lipstick and all. 

I have been getting so much use out of my thrifted long-sleeve L.L. Bean shirt. It is a great basic, and the material is super soft with just enough stretch. Out of everything in my wardrobe, I've been pulling this one out the most. Over top of that I layered this gorgeous tank, which I acquired from my mom's wardrobe. I love it as a layering piece, but I also think it is going to make a great little sexy outfit one day. With some black leggings and my new favorite boots, I loved the vibe this look gave off. I felt like I looked like I listen to jazz and write poetry in my free time, which isn't entirely false.

What is your favorite color to wear?

February 10, 2018

Thift Haul // $5 Bag Sale


Today's post comes to you in the form of a video.

I love sharing the treasures I find at thrift stores. This trip I was particularly lucky, as my mom and I accidentally came across a local thrift store having a $5 bag sale. We decided to check it out and to our surprise, it was a really great place and we managed to fill up two paper bags with clothes. I definitely plan on going back, as their regular prices were also pretty decent; most pieces were $3-$5. Plus, I always feel good about supporting local mom-and-pop thrift stores.

I hope you enjoy the video! Let me know which piece is your favorite in the comments!

February 8, 2018

Kawaii Decora Inspired Makeup Look

With the early morning sunlight coming through my windows, I set out to make myself as KAWAII as possible! Inspired by one of my favorite styles ever, decora, I wanted to try translating that style into one for people with bald heads. (Because you are just as cute with or without hair!)

If you are unfamiliar with the style decora, don’t be alarmed, most people are. It is a fairly new Japanese street style known for its excess of cute (kawaii) accessories, usually in the color pink. I have been enamored with this style since high school when I discovered it online. It is unlike any other style I have seen and I imagine it’s one that you will either love or hate. I highly suggest you look it up if you are interested. There is so much great inspiration on the web. Early 2000’s me was in heaven scrolling through Google to look at all the cuties with dozens of clips in their hair.

Without hair, my goal was to emulate the excess of accessories by gluing gems and cabochons to my face. I have a bag full of exactly those things, which I used to create this kawaii look. I kept my makeup minimal, using mostly blush and white eyeliner, as well as making little wings. I wanted this look to be as genuinely decora as possible for an American with a shaved head.

What do you think? Is this look a bit too much for you? Or are you inspired by decora’s crazy and cute style like me?  Let me know what you think!

February 6, 2018

What I Learned From Shaving My Head

1. Shaving my head was like temporarily losing a piece of my identity. Hair is such an integral part of our physical identities, and to just no longer have it felt strange, to say the least. I found myself questioning not only my relationship with hair, but also who I am as a person. In the end, I think shaving my head was such an important thing for me to do. It allowed me to explore my identity as a non-binary person and as a creative.

2. I discovered who truly supports me. Although shaving my head was a long time coming, I was still nervous about it. Posting pictures online was inevitable, but the support I received from it was not at all expected. A lot of my mutuals complimented my new look, as well as several strangers. I was surprised but so grateful for all the love I have in my life, even just from those who follow me online.

3. On the other hand, my mom gave me a lot of shit for doing it. It has been her mission, since I first shaved my head, to make sure I know that I look like I’ve had cancer, and that people will assume that. While I appreciate her honesty, I wish she just wouldn’t care so much about how I look. Also, fuck anyone who thinks I’m bald because of cancer. Just because I appear more feminine doesn’t mean I’m a girl. And even if I were a girl, it doesn’t mean being bald is not okay. Girls look bomb with shaved heads!

4. I have a nicely shaped head. For real! I might look like an egg, but at least I’m a cute egg. Also, I noticed that my hairline is totally unique. It looks like the edge of my hair is in a scalloped pattern, which is weird but also pretty cool. 

5. Fighting back the harsh words of the people I love is the hardest part of doing anything out of the ordinary in regards to my physical appearance. It straight up pisses me off that people care so much about what I’m doing with my body. It’s none of their concern, as long as I’m not hurting myself. I’ve gained strength from doing this- from being myself and experimenting with my looks and subsequently my personal identity. Hair is just hair; it grows back. Whereas the things I’ve learned from this have empowered me to not give a fuck what people think and to work towards looking how I want to look as a non-binary person.

February 4, 2018

Rose Gold Valentine's Makeup

Two colors that I always gravitate towards in makeup are pink and gold. In today’s post, I decided to combine them to create a warm look, perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s a very blush-heavy look, as I use it not only for the cheeks, but also the eyeshadow. I focused around the inner corner of the eyes, a trend that is very in this year. Using only a few supplies, this is an easy and pretty look to create.


Instead of contouring, we’re going in with a dark rose pink blush above the cheekbones and on the temples, blending out well into the skin. I find that every time I do this it warms my face up and gives me a bit of a summery glow.

On the lids I’m using a soft, slightly pearly pink eyeshadow all over, as well as to blend out the darker pink. For the darker pink, we’re going in with that same blush in the inner corner, and lightly fading out as we work our way upwards.

I’m adding a darker, redder pink in the inner corner and blending it out, kind of like what one would typically do in the crease. I like to think of this as a backwards eye look because of that.

I’m going in with my gold- the infamous shade Half Baked from the Urban Decay Naked Palette- on the bottom half of the inner corner and working downwards. This color is still a personal favorite of mine that I use in countless looks.

After that, I’ll throw on some golden highlighter, mostly above the blush and on the tip of my nose. I’ll follow that with a little wing in a soft grey or brown color, and apply some dark red mascara to my lashes.

For the lips, I’ll take the NYX lipstick in the shade Tea Rose, and blend it out with my finger, giving it a soft and matte texture.

Filling in my brows will complete the look! It’s a simple one, but I really enjoyed trying out an inner corner focused eye. I honestly felt like a glowing pink cherub when I did this makeup. Perhaps you will feel the same if you give this look a try!! hehehe


February 2, 2018

3 Trends to Try This Spring

Today felt like spring. The air smelled of dirt and sunshine, despite the temperature never reaching 40 degrees. I am yearning for the warmer weather, the flower blooms and muddy walkways. I am also so ready for this spring’s trends. There are some great ones this year, but these three stood out to me the most. I am repeatedly seeing them on the runway and in magazines. It’s was like a treasure hunt, searching for the best examples I could find of each. I even searched my own room for examples, to throw in a bit of my own personal style.

These trends are easy to find, and easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. You might even have some trendy pieces hidden away in your closet already. As my wardrobe is still just a baby, I plan on scouring thrift stores to find some vintage versions of them. Keep in mind that while trends are fun, it’s important to never lose sight of your personal style and aesthetic when shopping. Now let’s get onto the style inspiration!



Plaid is a classic, well-loved pattern. It can be worn throughout the year in various colors and prints, making it accessible to almost any style of clothing. This spring, plaid is everywhere- on dresses, pants, shirts, shoes and jackets. Most notably, different prints are combined together to create unique outfits. Personally, if I’m going to wear plaid, it’s going to mixed with other plaids or stripes, which is exactly what this trend emphasizes.

Bold Florals


Even if you know nothing about fashion, it should come as no surprise to you that florals are in for spring. While they are nothing new, this year’s florals stand out. They are bold, in your face designs, reminiscent of 60’s patterns. I am a huge fan of this trend, and definitely plan on trying to thrift some “ugly” floral pieces.

Long Layers


As I explore more androgynous fashion, long layers seem to be where it’s at. I’m working at incorporating more of it into my style, and the runway has been a great inspiration for that. However, right now my biggest layering inspiration comes from @japanese_trash on Instagram. Depending on the pieces styled, long layers can give an ethereal, feminine vibe, or a more natural and androgynous look.


I hope enjoyed exploring three of this spring's trends. I would love to know which one is your favorite! Let's chat about fashion in the comments.