December 10, 2017

The First Snow of the Season // OOTD

Yesterday brought with it the first snow of the season for us up here in the northeast! It was very exciting, even though it kind of messed up the plans I had with my girlfriend. In the morning my mom and I went out to get a little Christmas shopping in before things got too bad. As soon as I stepped outside I could hear the quiet, familiar sound of snow blanketing the earth. It's such a calm, peaceful moment, standing there listening to the tiny patter of snowflakes. It's safe to say my Christmas spirit is ridiculously high at this point. I have outbursts of singing Christmas songs while I'm in stores, and I don't even care if people hear me.

After voluntarily waking up at 7:45 AM (a rarity for me), I took my time putting on makeup and picking out my outfit. The shirt-over-dress-plus-leggings look has been one I've been leaning towards quite often lately. It's so cozy and I love wearing this dress as a skirt. 

Coat: Vintage from my Gram
Shirt: Lauren Conrad @ Kohl's 
Dress: Forever 21
Leggings: Walmart lol
Shoes: Blowfish

If it snowed where you are, I hope you stay safe. Don't forget to take some time to just listen and look at the beauty of the earth in wintertime. ❄️❄️

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