November 23, 2017

Why T-Shirt Dresses Are The Literal Best

T-shirt dresses have easily become a staple in my tiny wardrobe. I now own three, all of which are coincidentally striped. Just like my love of stripes, I only recently discovered the awesomeness of t-shirt dresses. Arguably the most comfortable, yet stylish, articles of clothing ever to exist, t-shirt dresses combine the ease of a dress with the casual feel of a t-shirt. Versatility is one of their best qualities. They come in so many styles and patterns that they can easily fit into just about anyone’s wardrobe, and they are great at transitioning through the seasons. Also, because they tend to fit loosely rather than hug the body, I feel like with the right outfit combo, the t-shirt dress is a great way to bring a dress into an androgynous look.

What I love about this particular dress, however, is the subtle feminine quality it has. The small ruffle on the sleeves and bottom of the dress adds a softness to an otherwise basic piece. To continue the girly detail throughout my outfit, I wore some frilly white socks. Sadly, they have seen their end of days, as my washer chewed them up after only about three wears. I suppose that’s what happens when you invest your love in $1 Target socks. RIP.

The unexpected colors of this dress give it a cozy feel, making it flow perfectly into the changing seasons. I threw a wintery sweater over top of it to make the outfit a bit warmer, while also adding layers. Leggings or tights could also do the trick in colder weather. I imagine wearing it with some dark maroon leggings and a beret to kick it up a notch for the holiday season. Of course, my wardrobe does not yet contain either of those items. But a kid can dream…

With the ability to be dressed up or down, t-shirt dresses are undoubtedly my favorite things to wear at the moment. Though I probably don’t need any more than three, I would like to get some non-striped ones, perhaps ones better suited for spring and summer.

Enough of me gushing! What do you think about t-shirt dresses? Is there an article of clothing that you can’t get enough of? Let me know in the comments!

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