November 14, 2017

Well, Hello There!

I considered countless ways in which to write this blog's first post. Four disconnected paragraphs later, and I realized that perhaps introductions are best done in as straight forward a manner as possible. No embellishments, no trying to impress with my writing. Just an honest start.
I’m an almost-26 year old non-binary kid living in upstate New York. I’m an artist, writer and overall creative person, trying to learn and grow as much as I can as a creator and as a human being. Style has been a love of mine since I was a kid drawing dog-inspired fashion designs in my sketchbook, and that love has carried with me through my scary wannabe-goth teenage years, past my accidental hipster phase, and up until now. As I fight through mental illness and self-doubt, I’m finally letting myself indulge in an interest that I previously distanced myself from because of body insecurities. With the push of discovering my gender identity last year, fashion finally feels tangible to me. It is a tool I can use to express myself in exactly the way I want it to. I can show my imperfect body how much I love it by adorning it with things that make me feel good about myself. I can express my gender in a proud, physical way.

Style is something that reaches beyond just clothes. For me, it is a driving force behind all of my creative endeavors. Allowing myself to translate my style into fashion motivates me to want to be my best self, and to unabashedly be able to share that with the world.

The idea for this blog came to me not too long ago, and with the perfect mix of motivation, passion and purpose, I dove head first into its creation. As with every creative project I embark on, my number one goal is to be able to reach people, to be able to affect people’s lives in a positive way.

They/them/wear is a fashion and lifestyle blog by and for non-binary folk, as well as those who simply don’t fit the norm of what fashion is. As I grow my personal style and self, through experience and adventure, I hope to add to the overall voice of non-binary people in our society.

That being said, this blog is a place for positivity and creative growth. In other words, transphobia, and other hate, will not be tolerated. I hope in the future to grow this blog into something more community-based, but for now it’s simply a documentation of my adventures in everyday fashion and life, as well as a platform for me to experiment with style. I write only from my experience, and hope that you will share yours as well, in the comments or on my various social media.

I think that is as straight forward as I can get! I am excited to start sharing my world with you as I grow along with they/them/wear. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will stick around to see what I create!


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