May 23, 2022

Sketchbook Share #1

I’ve been keeping a sketchbook going since about the start of middle school. My first one was a thin, spiral-bound Crayola pad with slightly textured paper that made me feel like I had really taken a big step in my young art career. I had graduated from collecting my loose drawings in folders, to having an actual book to draw in.  





I’ve used many sketchbooks over the years, each containing a varying degree of skill, content and mediums. Have a peak in any of them, and you’ll find tons of unfinished drawings, weird doodles, and blank pages, alongside finished pieces. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to my art. But my sketchbooks have always been a place where I can experiment with my drawing, as well as work on improving my skills. Any design ideas I have also go into whatever sketchbook I’m currently working in.


To me, a sketchbook is like an art diary. It isn’t going to judge you for what you choose to draw in it, or for how often you use it. It’s there for you when you have an awesome new idea to sketch out, or for when you want to doodle away your thoughts. It can be used as a tool to help improve your drawing skills, and can be a good way to document your progress. 



In this new series, I’m going to share some of my recent sketchbook drawings! Obviously, it’s not all of them; I picked a handful of pages that I really like. They’re not all great works of art, either. Aside from a few finished pieces, they are mostly just pencil sketches. But I wanted to share a variety of what I draw in my sketchbook, to show that perfection is unnecessary. Drawing should be fun, after all. Sometimes it’s less about the final outcome, and more about the process.



I have been really into Rainbow High lately, both the dolls and the show, so my few finished pieces are actually Rainbow High fan art. From the original series, there’s my Jade Hunter restyle, along with a portrait of Harper Dune, and my three fave characters from the new Shadow High line. Rainbow High has also really inspired me to start designing original characters again! 

As of finishing this post, I haven’t been drawing as much. The months seem to be coming and going so quickly that I can’t keep up with them. Despite my lack of drawing, I genuinely feel so much creative energy lately! I have lists of ideas going at all times, but now I’m really working at checking them off. My main art goal has always been to be able to make a living off of my art. So my current plan is to work on improving my skills, and start building up a solid body of work that I can be proud of.

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