June 26, 2020

Life Update & BLM Resources

I have been struggling to get another post up on here since I posted my last one. I had all the intentions to do so, but writing has been difficult lately, so I've pretty much avoided doing it altogether.  It's been over two months since my last post, and I'm finally ready to get over the unnecessary fear of sounding stupid or saying the wrong thing. Even though right now only, like, 10 people read my blog, I do hope to one day be successful with it.

Life feels different, because it is. Living through a pandemic (which is not over, despite what the cheeto in the white house says), is a shared traumatic event. You would think because we're all going through it together, it would be easier to deal with. However, everyone is different, which means everyone is experiencing it differently. Personally, it's fucked with my mental health quite a bit. Even on my best days, my depression and anxiety are always there in the background, trying to dictate my every move. Even while writing this, every time I get stuck on a sentence my brain is trying to convince me to just lie down for a bit, come back to it later. While I have gotten a lot stronger and better at fighting it, I know it's also important to let myself take breaks. Keeping the balance is tricky, but I'm managing. And I hope you are, too.

I also want to briefly talk about the police brutality and social injustices against black people. Although media coverage of protests is dying down and people's social medias are going back to "normal", the fight against racism, on all levels, is NOT over.  Racism runs deep in this country, meaning that it's going to take a lot to undo hundreds of years of oppression. And it's going to take all of us.

As a white person, I recognize my privilege and vow to stand up against any racism I see, in my society, my peers, my family, and myself. I have been working on educating myself, signing loads of petitions, and doing what I can to help.


Watch w/ Ads on to Donate (the creator of this video is currently trying to get it back with ads)

There are tons of other resources, so don't stop here! I just wanted to have something on my blog that can lead people in the right direction. I may add to this list as I find new resources, or feel free to leave any in the comments.

So that's where I'm at. Fashion, art, and lifestyle posts will be coming soon. I really wanted to address the state of the country/world first, before hopping back into posting. I hope you are staying safe, healthy, and sane.

Take care of yourself,

ps: Happy Pride month, my fellow queers! 🌈

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