January 16, 2018

Twenty-Six // OOTD

Today is my birthday! I've been on the earth for 26 years, which is pretty wild, to be honest. I've never been fond of my birthdays but it's something that's unavoidable. Instead of getting all existential in today's post, I'm bringing you a very special "outfit of the day". 

This past Sunday I went to lunch with my family to celebrate, and wore an outfit that I put together the night before. Like, literally put together. The shirt and skirt that I wore were made by yours truly. That isn't to say that I'm bragging at all. They are far from perfect and honestly I could have done better if I didn't decide to make everything right before bed. Nonetheless, I'm just proud of myself for actually following through and being (somewhat) patient in order to make both a skirt and matching shirt from scratch. 

I recently picked sewing back up for some unknown reason. I remembered watching this video on YouTube over a year ago, and figured I could do something similar with that tank top I picked up at the thrift store back in December. After making a couple crop tops, I aimed a bit higher and came out with this adorable circle skirt! Once that was finished, I knew I had to wear it to my birthday lunch, but of course I needed to make a matching shirt first.

I added a pretty floral shirt that I got for Christmas over top of it, and opted for tights since the weather has been super cold. Again, I went for my go-to brown booties, no surprise there. Confident in my (mostly) handmade outfit, I had a lovely birthday lunch. I even tried a new food-gumbo. It was pretty good! Although I have no plans for today, I do have a movie date with my girlfriend and an exciting thrifting adventure awaiting me this weekend!

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