January 13, 2018

NYX Cosmetics Haul & First Impressions

After needing a new liquid eyeliner for the longest time, I finally picked one up, along with a couple other little goodies. I decided to go with NYX Cosmetics, as they've very rarely let me down, and they are a cruelty-free brand. Thus, I bring you this blog's first haul!

Starting off with the reason for this entire order- the eyeliner. NYX's Epic Ink Liner, to be precise (pun intended). Unlike felt tip liners, this one is a brush tip, so it's built just like an artist's paintbrush. Because of this, the brush shouldn't dry out or retain eyeshadow residue the way felt tips tend to do. It also doesn't get gluey and stick to your lashes the way their regular liquid eyeliner does. I've already been loving this product, but the true test will be to see how long it lasts.

Next up we have the HD Studio Photogenic Concealer in the shade Alabaster. I've been in need of a concealer for approximately four or five years. Prior to this one, I would just use my foundation, but boy was I missing out. Although the formula is a bit thick, it blends out beautifully and covers up my dark circles like a dream. I tested it out on my tattoo and it did a pretty decent job for a concealer that doesn't claim to cover up tattoos. 

Now onto the fun, unnecessary products! For only a couple bucks, I picked up one of their Hot Singles eyeshadows in the color STFU, which is a bright yellow. Yellow is one of those colors that I wish I had on rare occasions, especially to go with purple. This one is pretty decent, though not as bright as I had hoped. With enough layers, the color builds nicely, but it is a bit shear for my liking. 

Finally, onto lip products. This one I just couldn't resist. After researching different NYX lip products, I found this amazing, unique color which is honestly one of my favorite colors ever. Plus, it looks super cool on. Just weird enough to scare my mom but still wearable enough for me to feel confident in it. It is the Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in the online exclusive color Extraterrestrial, a deep olive with silver. I'm in love with it, what can I say. 

Lastly, I picked up two of their Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks. They are super inexpensive, but such a great product. I got the colors B52 and Tea Rose. While they are both lovely, B52 is probably going to be my go-to lipstick from now on. 

That concludes my NYX haul! I hope you enjoyed it! I'm pretty happy with everything, and will continue to buy NYX products, as they are one of the best drugstore brands that don't test on animals. I'm honestly so excited to have a concealer and I can't wait to play around with everything further.

Which item was your favorite??


  1. Tea Rose is a great name that makes me want the thing just bc it's called that but B52 looks really good. Also that lip cream looks really good, somehow a dark metallic green seems to really suit you.

    Lilly xoxo