January 23, 2018

Baldy Bean // OOTD

I finally did it. I finally shaved my head. It was bound to happen eventually, as I'd been considering it on and off for months. The other night as I was giving myself a trim I decided to go for it. Shave it all off, start fresh, grow it out evenly. I'm currently on day two of being a baldy bean, and my hairs are super tiny and stiff, like sandpaper. It feels super weird and I entirely forget that I'm bald until every time I look in the mirror and am shocked all over again. 

Creating an outfit to fit my new hair was not an easy feat. I tried on close to a dozen different combinations of things, only really being set on the boots (my awesome new Steve Maddens from the thrift store). Black and white seemed to be the best color scheme to go with, along with some gold jewelry. It wasn't until looking at these photos again this morning that I realized my cheetah print shirt matches the color of my head perfectly.

It will be difficult to style more outfits around my new hair (or lack thereof) but I'm excited for the challenge and to be exploring my more edgy side. Plus, I'm looking forward to seeing it slowly grow out into a cute short haircut.


  1. YOUR HEAD LOOKS AMAZING YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I love your boots and jewelry too. Too awesome.

    Lilly xoxo

  2. You look super cute with shaved head! And I like your outfit too. Happy weekend :)!