December 9, 2017

The Winter Tag

With the first week of Blogmas complete, I feel a great mix of motivation and stress. Creating posts everyday is hard work, but also I kind of love it. As a bit of a simpler post, as well as a way you can get to know me better, I thought I would do the Winter Tag, which I’ve seen on a couple blogs so far this Blogmas. I love doing tags, to be honest, and this one is perfect for today, as the northeastern states (which is where I live) sees its first snow of the year!

So cuddle up with a soft blanket and hot drink, and enjoy reading.

01. What are your favorite things about winter?

I’m a cheeseball with this answer, but i have to say Christmas. Winter can be difficult for me because of that good ole’ seasonal depression, so Christmas gives me something exciting to look forward to and prepare for. Also, I live for giving gifts.

02. What is your favorite winter outfit?

My big thrifted sweater and a pair of cozy leggings probably. And of course, one of my crocheted scarves.

03. What is your favorite winter food?

Although I don’t have it very often, a nice homemade kale and bean soup. When I was vegan, I made it a few times and it was such a great treat, especially in the cold weather.

04. What is your favorite winter drink?

It’s funny because as soon as it started getting cold out I started drinking tea again. Happens almost every year. Earl grey is by far my favorite. Plain, with no milk or sugar.

05. What is your dream way to spend a winter’s day?

Cuddling up with a good book sounds pretty ideal.

06. How do you like to do your makeup in the winter?

I’m always doing neutral eyes, but especially in the winter. I like going a bit darker, as well. I also pull out my burgundy lipstick a lot more often. But a cool, icy look is really fun, too.

07. What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

Some non-fiction books! Maybe some makeup.

08. What are the first three things that remind you of winter?

The crisp, cold smell in the air that happens when the temps drop. Christmas, of course. And my birthday, which comes in January.

09. What is your favorite winter song?

I assume this means Christmas song because I almost exclusively listen to Christmas music starting December 1st. Right now my top two are “Last Christmas”, ONLY the original, and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”.

10. What is your favorite winter memory?

I hate this question because I have so many. Probably just getting hyped on Christmas Eve with my siblings when we were kids, before I found out Santa wasn’t “real” and my child-like wonder went away.

11. What is your favorite winter scent?

Evergreen trees. So good and pure. I love trees, if you didn’t know.

12. Finish this sentence. If I could have one wish this Christmas, it would be _______.

Just to be able to spend time with everyone I love and give them their gifts and share in their happiness.

That’s a wrap! Now I am off to go take photos of the snow. Let me know if you do this tag and if we have any of the same answers. 

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