December 15, 2017

Pretty New Specs

Glasses are the most underrated accessory because for so many people, including myself, they are absolutely vital to everyday life. They are something you usually don’t think twice about as you reach for them on your bedside table each morning. Because we need them to see, style sometimes becomes irrelevant. That’s what I found, at least, as I settled for years on frames I had purchased in haste because my previous ones had split down the middle like Harry Potter’s.

Not only was I tired of seeing myself in a pair of glasses that I had no choice in wearing, but my sight had gotten worse. I needed a change, and finally after months of hesitation, I ordered myself some glasses online. A few days ago they came in the mail. These are them.

Pair #1

Pair #2

I ordered these lovely babies from Firmoo, a site I see continuously on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet. For the mere investment of $20 (free shipping and BOGO), I took the plunge and bought myself two new pairs of glasses. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the pink ones, though I think they both look pretty awesome. As far as quality goes, they’re working great so far. Even if they don’t last, which I’m really hoping they do, they were inexpensive enough that I won’t be too heartbroken.

I’m super happy with my new glasses. Obviously. That’s why I wanted to make a little post about them, to show them off. They are different from what I’m used to, in both size and color, but I love how unique they are, and I feel like the pink ones could become my signature glasses. Now I can see better and look more stylish.

Which pair do you like better?

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