December 21, 2017

Easy Embroidery Hoop Wall Art DIY

This is the first full year that my dad has lived with his girlfriend. To commemorate that, I wanted to create and give them something special that they could add to their home decor. My mind instantly went to the single wooden embroidery hoop I’ve been hoarding for years. Saving it for the perfect project, I knew its time had come.

While I love embroidery hoop wall art, my embroidery skills are subpar. Maybe one day I will have the patience to embroider something beautiful, but for now paint is my best friend. Using only a few simple supplies, I was able to put together a piece that I think they will love. With only a few days left until Christmas, I wanted to share this easy, personalized DIY with you.


-embroidery hoop
-paint brush

Starting off, I painted the outer circle of the embroidery hoop white. While this step is optional, I think the white will fit better with the recipient’s decor. Feel free to paint it any color you like, or leave it with the natural wood. Only the outer circle needs to be painted because the inner circle won't be shown once it's completed.

After tracing the outer circle on the fabric, I got to work creating the design. Using a computer font as reference, I free-handed the lettering in pencil. If free-handing isn't your forte, I suggest using a fabric-safe transfer paper.

Next, I began painting. I used a dark purple, simply because it is Marie's favorite color. Make sure to pick a color that will contrast well against the fabric. I recommend going with a simple pattern or solid color fabric so that the design stands out. You could also use fabric paint, but because the fabric won't be washed, acrylic paint works well, too.

Once the design is dry, it's time to cut it out of the fabric. Make sure to add about an inch when cutting. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be enough to fold over the inner circle.

Finally, lay the fabric over the inner circle and push the outer circle into place. Then tighten the top and stretch the fabric evenly so that the design sits tightly in between the hoops. You can also take this time to add any embellishemnts to the design. I added a little faux pearl over the "i" to give it a more sophisticated look.

The last step is to simply fold the extra fabric over the back, gluing it down so that it doesn't show in the front. You can also cut a circle of felt to place over the back for a finishing touch. And you're done!

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY. Even if you aren't great at painting, you can use stencils or stamps to create the design. A clean old t-shirt would also work well as a fabric if you don't have any. I love this project because it can easily be personalized to whoever it's for. I can't wait to give mine to my dad and his girlfriend. It matches perfectly to their home decor.

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