December 2, 2017

Among the Pinecones // OOTD

Okay, to begin, the mild golfer dad vibe here was unintentional, though I don’t entirely hate it. Posing in front of green grass with this shirt tucked in is a scenario I will make sure to avoid in the future. Regardless, I think this shirt is pretty neat. It’s a men’s shirt that I got from a local thrift store for $0 because they were giving everything away at the end of November. Although it’s not a piece I’d ever think to buy, I’m glad to have picked it up. I feel like it’s opened my eyes to the variety of clothes I can style.


Unfortunately, this outfit didn’t turn out exactly how I envisioned. But that’s the point of this fashion journey, to learn and grow and figure out how to style pieces. While the idea of bell-bottoms and pointed shoes sounded good in theory, these jeans were too baggy, killing the potential of the shoes. I also wanted to add a thick belt, but my only belt didn’t match the shoes.

I am excited to wear this shirt again. I think some black leggings could make it more formal. Adding a bowtie would definitely bring its queer vibes over the edge, which would be really cute. This being only my second ever men’s shirt, I have much to learn about styling it. I think it’s a great piece to have for the holidays, as I can see myself wearing it to family events. Plus, with its neutral color, I can easily accessorize it for the season.

How would you style this shirt?

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