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Service purposes


Quality commitment


GELAN electrical adhering to the "all
for customers,for all customers,for all customers"The
sercive concept

  • 1
    Two year warranty
    The warranty period of the GELAN Electrical Evolution System series is implemented in accordance with relevant national policies, and the warranty period is 20 years.

  • 2
    100% service
    100% home repair, on-demand commissioning, 100% after-sales return visit.

  • 3
    Sercives in place
    24-hour hotline consultation, 24-hour service in the city, 48 hours of service in the surrounding area, telephone reservations in rural areas of rural areas.

Quality Assurance


Grant Electric adheres to the service concept of "all for customers, for customers, for all customers", and has been recognized and appreciated by consumers, partners, industry organizations and national institutions. It has won the "China Famous Brand" and "National Conformity Assessment". Quality is trustworthy and the product is "equal." The company cooperates with well-known institutions to integrate international advanced concepts for product development, adopts international standard quality management system, and selects high-quality parts and raw materials to ensure product quality from the source. For more than ten years, Gran Electric has provided quality and stability for over 100 million families. The product.
Working Principle
Record customer calls without leaking 
Solve customer problems without fail 
Tracking problem processing results without leaking 
Must ensure that timely and timely service is in place 
Must ensure that the service satisfaction rate reaches 100% 
Resolutely avoid users making second calls on the same issue 
On-site service
  • 1 不準在用戶家中就餐
    Are not allowed to eat in the user's home
  • 2 不準在用戶家中吸煙、喝水
    Are not allowed to smoke in the user's home, drinking water
  • 3 不準頂撞用戶
    Don't contradict the user
  • 4 不準使用用戶家中電話
    Are not allowed to use the phone in the user's home
  • 5 不準亂收費
    No arbitrary charges
  • 6 不準酒后上門
    Don't drink the door
  • 7 不準留長發
    Allowed to stay long hair
  • 8 談及有損格蘭電氣形象和聲譽的事
    About the damage the images and reputation of the electrical grand thing

Data summary


Fax:0086-573-83250880 Service Hotline:0086-573-83250886 83250887 Free Service Hotline:400-008-7727 E-mail:gelancn@126.com Address:No. 459, Qingyuan Road, Wangdian Town, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province
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