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How to connect the switch with the socket and the main points

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-01-11 

Switch sockets are the electrical circuits commonly used in our home life. Due to long-term use, there will be loss and life. When you need to replace them, do you know how to wire them? Today, GELAN Xiaobian will tell you about the wiring and key points of the switch socket.


First, how to switch the switch with socket

1. The fire, neutral and ground wires need to be properly connected to the socket. According to the figure, connect the fire wire to one of the two holes of the switch, and leave the insulated wire in the other hole to connect to the L hole in the three holes of the socket below. The N holes in the 3 holes of the zero wire access socket are firmly connected. Connect the ground wire to the E hole in the 3 holes of the socket. If the neutral line is connected to the ground line, black light and switch trip will occur when using the appliance.

2. If the socket is not controlled by the switch, the switch will only control the lamp. Then the wiring method is as follows: connect the fire wire to the L terminal of the switch, connect the L1 terminal of the switch with a terminal of the lamp, and put the zero. The line is connected to the other terminal of the lamp cap, and the switch forms a loop with the lamp. Then connect the live wire to the L terminal of the two-hole socket, connect the neutral wire to the N terminal of the socket, and the two-hole socket becomes another circuit.

Second, switch with socket wiring points

1, you can set some sockets with switches, so you can cut off the power without pulling the plug, and the wires that are not pulled down will affect the appearance. For example, the washing machine socket can be closed when not in use, the air conditioner socket should be closed during the off-season, and the kitchen socket should not be removed. Installed on the stove top to prevent overheating; install the bathroom Yuba switch, remember to stay a few centimeters more, because this switch is generally a circle larger than the switch of the lamp, if it is a little bit, it will be troublesome to install it;

2. When considering the sockets in the living room and bedroom, ensure that each main wall has a 5-hole socket to meet the needs of daily life. The location of the socket should be determined according to the design of the house. For example, the socket of the TV background wall may be more appropriate, and other locations may be determined as needed.

3, the kitchen socket should not be installed in the stove on the room to prevent overheating; install the bathroom Yuba switch, remember to stay a few centimeters of position, because this switch is generally a circle larger than the switch of the lamp, if it is a little bit installed, it will be troublesome. To install the switch in a place too close to the water, if you install it on an open balcony, remember to use a special splash-proof cover for the switch socket; consider the socket inside the book cabinet, the light in the cabinet and the corresponding control switch; consider the burglar alarm, gas alarm , wall-mounted LCD, porch lighting and other sockets and corresponding control switches.

The above is the introduction of the switch socket wiring, the brand and type of switch socket on the market are diversified, so the above content is only for reference, the specific need to be combined with the instructions for wiring. If you still want to know more about switch sockets, please continue to pay attention to the official website of Grand Electric.


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