December 5, 2022

What I Wore This Fall

Okay, so I didn’t plan on going months without writing a single blog post, but here we are. It’s been over six months since my last post. I had all the intention to start posting in May and then consistently every couple weeks, but spring and summer have come and gone. It’s nearly the end of fall now, which means winter’s almost here. Thanksgiving has passed, so now it’s *the holiday season*.

I always feel the need to pick apart my brain when I sit down to write. Like I need to explain how I’ve been and where my mental state is at. But in all honesty, my mental state fluctuates drastically from week to week, day to day, moment to moment, so there’s no way to sum up how I’ve been. Mostly I’ve been anxious but content, if that’s even possible. My life has definitely improved since the summer, but I still face challenges everyday. 

Time goes by literally so fast, and I feel like I’m trying to catch up with it again. Having two jobs leaves me minimal time and energy to focus on my passions, which is really upsetting. I’ve been trying to live more consciously, slowly and intentionally. Less time on social media scrolling, less time staring at screens. More time spent being creative. It’s very hard to stay consistent, but you can’t say I don’t try.

Which is why I’m here with some fall fashion content! We’re easing back into it with a simple fashion post of what I’ve been wearing this fall!


My views on fashion are always changing, but one thing that has remained is my love for fall fashion. Fall always feels like a big sigh of relief, a new beginning. The air feels breathable again. I’m not constantly sweating, which means I can wear more than just tank tops and shorts.  

This was my Thanksgiving look!

Layering is the best friend of someone like me, who gets really hot and really cold very quickly. I’ve actually obtained a good variety of light jackets recently, and I check the temperature every morning to know which one to wear that day. The brown teddy bear jacket is one of my faves because of how cozy it is.

While I still live for bright colors and tacky prints, I’ve been wearing a lot of earthy and neutral tones recently. Brown is definitely one of my favorite colors, and it goes well with my #1 favorite color, green.

I've been into more simple and practical looks lately. I love wearing pants, as long as they don't feel constricting, like jeans. I've also been feeling a little more androgynous and masc, so I'm not wearing as many dresses and skirts. I've only done makeup a handful of times since spring, as well.

It's cool to see my style evolve, and just let myself wear what makes me feel happy and comfortable!

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