July 27, 2020

Sunny Gingham Dress // What I Wore

Since the start of summer, I have mostly been wearing tank tops, shorts, and dresses. I’m not gonna lie, the shorts and tanks I wear around the house are not cute. Evidence of this can be seen in my latest YouTube video. Most of the time, I don’t care how I look because no one has to see me. However, when I am wanting to look cute, I usually opt for a dress (or a nicer tank and shorts). Dresses are super easy to wear, and look more polished, without having to put the effort in.

This gingham print dress brings me right back to Cape Cod, where I first wore it last summer. As much as I have been missing those seaside towns, my experience with wearing this dress has been so much better than last year. Not only did I somehow manage to stain the back of the dress the first time I wore it, but I remember it being pretty uncomfortable, and struggling with the straps. I've been enjoying it more this season, but it's not without flaws.

Despite how it looks, this dress is THICK. It consists of a woven rayon shell and a knit polyester lining. Neither are particularly heavy, but together it is too much. To be honest, this dress doesn’t need the lining. The gingham fabric is barely see-through, and the lining just adds bulk to the dress.

The shirred bodice is also really dense, but I don't mind that. It stays snug to the body without completely flattening my chest. Because of this, the tie straps are unnecessary, as the bodice does the job of keeping the dress up. The straps are a bit of a hassle to tie correctly, but they do add a cute look to the dress. They’re definitely worth having, even if only for aesthetic reasons.

Overall, this dress is super cute for summer, but it does have some issues. I probably wouldn't buy it again, as I have been trying not to buy anymore fast fashion. But I do love the gingham print and the shirred bodice. It's very "my vibe".

All together, this outfit is simple, yet chic. The high ponytail, tied up with a handmade denim scrunchie, really polishes the look off. With some coordinating hair clips, I pinned back my bangs. It's unfortunate that these photos were taken after a long, hot day because sweating made my hair separate a bit. The heat was what also kept me from adding any jewelry. I honestly put these star and moon earrings on just before these photos were taken. Finally, I opted for my go-to platform sandals.  They're super easy to walk in, and give me a bit of height, which is always appreciated.

Aside from the problems I had with the dress, I loved this look. A delicate gold necklace would look nice when I wear it again. Hopefully next time, it will be in Cape Cod.

July 4, 2020

Garden Glam- A Mini Collection

Although school has been over for almost two months now, I want to share with you my final collection. Because of corona, it ended up being different from what I had originally planned. However, I am quite proud of it, as I stuck with the same theme and worked with what I had at home. I also think it is a good segue into what I'm doing at the moment- starting up an Etsy shop where I'm going to sell handmade accessories and upcycled apparel.

For this collection, I used almost exclusively secondhand and vintage materials. In fact, most of the supplies came from a local used fabric sale that I went to at the beginning of the year. Everything else I had in my stash.

My first look was completely handmade. Using patterns I had made throughout the years, I adjusted them to fit me, and created this skirt and top. The detachable collar was made out of muslin and hand embroidered with my original design.

The second look was created using an upcycled denim dress. I transformed it from long and shapeless to short and cute. I put vintage lace around the edges, and added a bit of embroidery and beading. With this look, I also made a little crochet bag and did some surface design work on a pair of Build-a-Bear overalls.

Without this blog, I don't know if I ever would have even enrolled in college. I created this blog as a way to get myself to learn more about fashion. Reading tons of other blogs, scrolling through Vogue Runway, and learning all that I could about fashion is what prompted me to take the leap into college. Previously, I had tons of passions but no direction. Now I know that fashion is what I want to do. It is one of the greatest modes of self-expression, and it combines so much of what I love. Going forward, I'm excited to continue creating and learning. Just knowing how far I've come, I know I will succeed, as long as I push myself and remember what is important to me.