January 4, 2018

My 2018 Planner + Supplies

When I graduated high school in 2010, I thought I’d seen the last of the planner. Planners were for people who did stuff, who went places, who needed to plan their chaos. I, on the other hand, lived a rather quiet and uneventful life, and so the use of a planner seemed ill-fitting. It wasn’t until just last year that I bought my first planner and truly discovered how much it could help me live my life more fully and happily.

My first real planner was a Barnes and Nobel brand one, with a weekly horizontal layout and plenty of room for notes in the back. It seemed like a good idea to get myself a planner, I thought, after watching planning videos on YouTube. It costed about $5 on a 50% off sale. I brought the planner home and started keeping track of my days before the new year even started. I kept up with it for most of the year, but eventually my planning waned. Depression sunk in during the summer, so about three months of my planner are barely touched. The good thing is that planners don’t judge when you come back to them.

My new planner is definitely a step up from my first. At a 50% off sale, with another 20% off coupon, I was able to get a Create 365 planner from Michael’s for only about $10 (compared to its original $25). I already have loads of stickers ready to go, so starting my new planner has been so enjoyable. I love adding to-do checklists and motivational sayings to my weekly spreads.

The month tabs make it so easy to find exactly where I need to be while flipping through it. I also love the monthly title pages, with a fun interests list to fill out, as well as a place for writing down birthdays and important dates. It’s such a gorgeously designed planner, with an A++ color scheme. I’m excited to fill it up with my life! 


  1. Your stickers are SO CUTE aw man maybe I should get back into diary writing again, seeing all this cuteness just makes me YEARN for it. <3

  2. Love the design on your planner and the way you've written this post! I was given an EpicBlog planner for Christmas to help with my blog schedule and I'm loving it so far, I feel so much more organised. I'll probably fail after two or three months but I love using planners to stay organised. Also love all of your stickers & tape to make it pretty and fun :)