December 20, 2017

Recent Thrift Finds #1

As I was wracking my brain for decent post ideas to finish up this Blogmas with, I thought I could show you the neat thrift finds I've acquired recently. This is definitely going to become a series on here because I love thrifting and sharing my finds. To kick it off, I have three cool things that came to a total of only $3.25! Let's go!

First, I found this gorgeous brooch at a new antique store in town. I was originally going to add it to the gift I made my mom, but decided it's not quite her style when I was putting it all together. Luckily, I think it might fit perfectly with my own style. It is a great statement piece that I look forward to wearing as I venture into the world of accessories. Although it didn't come with a pin back, I can easily attach one, as I used to make jewelry and pins.

Next up we have this Forever 21 shirt that I got for literally a quarter. It is not wintry in the slightest, but I think it will get some good use come summertime. The print is big and fun, reminiscent of a bathing suit. I was originally going to give it to my sister, but after trying it on I think I might have to keep it, hehe.

Finally I have this adorably perfect little curio cabinet. It can hang on the wall and is made with a gorgeous dark wood. As soon as I saw it in the store I imagined putting my nature collection in it. I love that it has glass in front of it, and I am so pumped to hang it up on my wall, as soon as I find the perfect place. 

Those are my most recent thrift finds! I'm in love with them, and excited to go thrifting again once the holiday season is over. I plan on collecting a nice thrifted wardrobe and some bits for my room.

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