December 23, 2017

2017 Holiday Lookbook

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Can you believe it!? All the prep for Christmas is finally coming to a head, and I am so excited. Before I start opening presents and playing board games with my family, I want to share with you my holiday lookbook, featuring all the outfits I plan to wear this holiday. I hope you enjoy them and get some holiday fashion inspiration.


Christmas Eve

For my Christmas Eve outfit I'm going for something cozy yet dressed up. I'll be going to both my dad's house and then my girlfriend's house before finally ending up at home. I decided to wear the t-shirt dress that I've written about on this blog before, paired with my green tights and brown booties. I'm also adding a homemade long tassel necklace that I forgot to show here.

Christmas Day

Since I'm spending Christmas day at home, I'm opting for a super cozy and festive outfit. I'm pairing a simple green shirt with my fair isle leggings. I won't need shoes, but I have an inkling that my mom is getting me some new slippers for Christmas. These are hers, by the way, as I don't own any.

New Year's Eve - Party

Although I'll be spending actual New Year's Eve at home, my girlfriend and I are going to a dance party a few days before the New Year. I'm not sure about wearing my booties yet, but they definitely make the outfit fancier. I'm sticking with black and red as my color scheme and might add some weird makeup.

New Year's Eve - At Home

I'll be watching the ball drop at home, and for that I want to be very comfortable and relaxed. While I feel like this outfit could double as a workout outfit, it is surprisingly cute.


That concludes my little holiday lookbook for this year! Having my outfits planned out is so nice because now I don't have to worry about what I'm going to wear to each event. With two posts left, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and spend lots of time with your friends and family.

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