November 28, 2017

6 Cozy Things to Add to Your Night Routine

With the sun setting around 4 PM and the holidays right around the corner, this time of year is the coziest time of year. Just thinking about it makes me want to curl up in a blanket and sip hot chocolate in front of a fireplace. Although I don’t have a fireplace in my home, let alone any hot chocolate, I have found some easy, practical ways to make my nights comfier and cozier. Throwing these couple of extra steps into my evenings have made such a difference in my mood. Allowing time to pamper and indulge myself in simplicity is such a necessary step to making sure I take care of my mental health.

Here are some things I have been doing to make my nights not only cozier, but more relaxing and enjoyable.


Light Candles

Okay, this one is probably pretty obvious. Lighting candles seems to be on every cozy self-care list ever made, but hear me out. Somehow Bath and Body Works always manages to lure me in during the colder seasons. Unlike in the summer, I want my room full of rich, warm scents. But stopping at one pretty scented candle is where I have been going wrong all along.

Enter, the non-scented candle. Although I use non-scented candles in my spiritual practice, I never considered using them to light my room. However, after watching this video by The Mustards, I decided to give it a try. Lying down to relax never felt cozier than with my room full of candle light. Plus, my anxiety stays tame because I use candles in glass jars. If you’re a one scented candle kind of person like me, I highly recommend you try adding a couple non-scented candles to your decor.

Turn Off the Screens

That’s right, all of them. Even your phone (as tempting as it may be to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp). Despite doing most of my work in the evenings, I still like to find some time to turn off my devices. Lucky for me, one of my greatest pleasures in life is handwriting in notebooks. I even have one specifically for my blog, so I’m often scribbling ideas in it when I’m away from my devices. Finding something to fill this down time with isn’t always easy, so keep on reading for some ideas.

Read a Physical Book

A great way to spend some screen-free time is by reading. I know not everybody enjoys reading, but if you have the patience, finding the right book for you might be all you need to do. I’ve been getting into more non-fiction lately, but there are so many genres out there. If you’re interested in something, I guarantee there’s a book about it.

Drink Some Tea

Maybe it’s just because I’m not a coffee person, but I find tea to be the perfect cozy drink. It feels good to drink it, like I’m helping my body in some way. Plus, the warmth is exactly what I need to help me get calm and ready for bed. Of course, you can drink whatever drink makes you feel the coziest, whether hot or cold. Maybe you even have a special drink that is only for cozy winter nights, like a chamomile tea or hot cocoa. Drinking tea while reading is an A+ combo, as well.

Start a Skincare Routine

Clean that face! Moisturize! As someone who has struggled to stay on top of my skincare game, having the cold weather dry my skin out has definitely pushed me to keep up with it. It seems like every year I have a couple different dry spots on my face. This year it’s the side of my nose and above my lip. Just by doing the basics, like cleansing and moisturizing, my dry patches are gone and my skin is soft as heck. Naturally, everyone’s skincare routine will be different, and I am no expert on the subject, so I recommend looking into what you will need to take care of your skin.

Be Present

Reflecting on your day and being grateful is a great start! But sometimes being present in the moment can really help you think clearly and feel better about yourself. It can be a difficult thing to do, which is why meditation is ideal. Don’t let the idea scare you, though. In simplest terms, all meditation is is focusing on breathing and clearing your mind of unneeded thought. No, it’s not easy, but yes, it can really help your state of mind, as well as help you go to bed with a smile on your face.


Those are just a few things that I have started incorporating into my nights. Seasonal depression can be a real bitch, so I’m trying my hardest to work on things before the holidays season ends and my heart yearns for the spring. These tips are nothing extravagant or original, but they are tried and true to me. Even adding just a couple to your night can help you wind down and feel those cozy vibes all winter long.

What are you doing to make your night routine cozier this winter? I’d love to know!

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